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EPISODE 8 Aired Wednesday, Nov 18
As the divide between Rayna and Deacon grows, Scarlett and Gunnar kick off their tour, and Markus finally gets into the studio.
EPISODE 7 Aired Wednesday, Nov 11
While Avery and Will bond over broken hearts, everyone else, including Juliette, deals with the death of Jeff Fordham.
EPISODE 6 Aired Wednesday, Oct 28
Juliette and Jeff are literally pushed to the edge.
EPISODE 5 Aired Wednesday, Oct 21
And that, my friend, is what we call closure.
EPISODE 4 Aired Wednesday, Oct 14
Rayna's attention is divided between Layla and Markus — and Deacon, Scarlett, and Juliette find different ways to deal with their own problems.
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