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EPISODE 21 Aired Wednesday, May 25
Nashville finds some closure for the Jaymes family, Gunnar and Scarlett, and Will and Luke, but a giant cliffhanger leaves Juliette and Avery in limbo
EPISODE 20 Aired Wednesday, May 18
It's the war of the couples as Avery and Juliette silently feud, Scarlett comes to a realization, and Rayna and Deacon head to therapy
EPISODE 19 Aired Wednesday, May 11
While the life of the Jaymes' is in shambles, Will heads home, Scarlett and Gunnar bicker, and the paparazzi cause trouble for Avery and Juliette
EPISODE 18 Aired Wednesday, May 04
Everything's a mess when Maddie's hearing begins, Scarlett and Gunnar try to work things out, Will deals with homophobia, and Juliette learns a secret
EPISODE 17 Aired Wednesday, Apr 27
Maddie continues her standoff with her parents while Layla, Juliette, Avery, Scarlett, and Gunnar get wrapped up in all sorts of feelings
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