New Girl

Season 4 Season 1
New Girl Recap 02
EPISODE 5 Aired Tuesday, Oct 14
An old-fashioned phone line lets Nick get all up in everyone's business, while a handsome new teacher is soon to be all up in Jess'.
New Girl
EPISODE 4 Aired Tuesday, Oct 07
Jess makes a bet with Nick that she can date a guy in spite of his... shortcomings; pranksters Cece and Winston inadvertently fast-track Schmidt's modeling career.
New Girl Recap
EPISODE 3 Aired Tuesday, Sep 30
Jess struggles to accept her father's new girlfriend, while the guys nearly sink Schmidt's career-making pitch.
New Girl
EPISODE 2 Aired Tuesday, Sep 23
While Schmidt schools Jess in the ways of online dating, Winston crashes a Police Academy party with the rest of the loftmates (who just happen to be stoned).
EPISODE 1 Aired Tuesday, Sep 16
Schmidt challenges the loftmates to end the Summer of Sex (and Weddings) with one last group hook-up push.
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