Orange is the New Black

Season 2
OITNB Recap 213
EPISODE 13 Aired Friday, Jun 06
Season 2 gets a neat, wholly satisfying ending—while leaving just a few intriguing questions unresolved
OITNB Recap 212
EPISODE 12 Aired Friday, Jun 06
The lights are out at Litchfield, leading to shadowy confrontations -- and some very dark places
OITNB Recap 211
EPISODE 11 Aired Friday, Jun 06
Sister Ingalls gets a heavenly spotlight, while a shocking act ramps up tension between Vee and Red
Orange Is The New Black 05
EPISODE 10 Aired Friday, Jun 06
... which is why a whole lot of buried stuff is bubbling up to the surface as season 2's endgame draws nearer
Orange Is The New Black 03
EPISODE 9 Aired Friday, Jun 06
Piper finds surprises on the outside during her furlough, while a flashback details Red and Vee's history
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