Sons of Anarchy

Season 7 Season 6
Sons Of Anarchy Finale
EPISODE 13 Aired Tuesday, Dec 09
With the Mayhem vote nearing, Jax sets his grand plan in motion.
Sons Of Anarchy Recap
EPISODE 12 Aired Tuesday, Dec 02
It's the most devastating episode since Opie's death as the series nears its epic, tragic conclusion.
Sons Of Anarchy Recap
EPISODE 11 Aired Tuesday, Nov 18
As Jax pieces together the truth, Gemma goes on the run.
Sons Of Anarchy
EPISODE 10 Aired Tuesday, Nov 11
Jax and Moses continue their war as relationships—and Abel's problems—deepen.
Sons Of Anarchy
EPISODE 9 Aired Tuesday, Nov 04
Jax makes another play to save Bobby, and Juice and Gemma don't realize they have a little problem.
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