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'24' recap: The bloodshed begins

Tony pulls the trigger, terrorism tests the President, and Dubaku proves that he means business

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Plane crash. Shoot-out. Stabbing. Choking. Rescue. Revival. Resignation. Even a couple of one-liners from Tony? Yes, episode 6 had a little of everything, and proved to be a fairly gripping hour of Bauer. And most importantly, those all-important ”stakes” got jacked up a few notches. Without further tease, let’s re-open this case file and, in honor of Renee, dig in.

The action opens at the FBI, where Boss Moss is working hard on the mission to net the Matobos, Tony, Jack, and his favorite agent, Renee. When Sean foot-in-mouths by all but offering his condolences (”She was a good agent”), Boss Moss turns angry: ”We don’t know that she’s dead yet!” If Sean wasn’t sold on Janis’ crush theory before, he is now. The show has really been selling the Larry-hearts-Renee plot. But why? Are they setting him up for a reluctant turn on her?

Well, first we’d better find out if she’s alive. Bill and Chloe arrive at the construction site in their Blue Van of Justice and dig Renee out of her dirt grave. She’s not breathing. Adrenaline shot administered. Nothing…. Nothing…. Finally, Renee chokes back to life with crazy where-the-hell-am-I? eyes. (Apparently, those crafty writers red-herringed us with the silent clock, and gave themselves an out by adding Renee’s breathing. How should we get them back? Anyone?)

From blue van to yellow van we go. When Emerson busts Jack deep in thought, Jack claims he’s wondering why Emerson never told Tony how he got him out of CTU. Turns out, Emerson’s partner, season 5 villain Christopher Henderson, purposely missed Tony’s artery; the injection slowed his heart so he appeared dead. Emerson planned to use Tony against Jack, but Jack killed Henderson and the mission was nixed. Disillusioned, Tony teamed up with Emerson anyway because, as Tony says, ”there was nothing such as honor left” and that he and Emerson would ”take care of each other like brothers.” (No amount of resurrection explanation will ever truly satisfy, so let’s just make peace with it: It’s absurd, we’re glad to have Tony back, moving on. Exhale.)

If Jack is worried whether Tony is capable of betraying Emerson, so is Emerson: At the airport hangar, he takes Jack hostage while Tony shoots Litvak, a.k.a. poor man’s Adam Levine! During the standoff, Jack yells at Tony to shoot Emerson; Emerson yells at Tony to drop his weapon or he’ll shoot Jack. Everyone stop yelling at Tony! Too much pressure! Finally, Tony shoots Emerson in the arm, which shocks Emerson. Just before he returns fire, Tony nails him right in the neck. Brother, you are going down!

Meanwhile, Bill briefs our other neck-wound victim, Renee, on this season’s premise. Renee wants to contact Larry, but Bill explains that with the FBI compromised, they can’t risk Dubaku finding out she’s alive, because he’ll know that Jack is playing him. Of course, Bill’s secret unit also needs all the help it can get, and an FBI agent who’s not afraid of doing things, you know, the hard way could be a handy asset.

Quick Bill-and-Jack convo, then we peer into that cool radar room known as Baddie HQ. Dubaku tells Nichols that Emerson’s team ”is now a loose end. Tie it off.” Besides, he’d rather keep his diamonds. (Dubaku=cold” as ice.) Still upset that President Taylor hasn’t removed the strike force, he orders a deadly attack. A subordinate informs him that 1,300 planes are airborne, and asks which area to target. Dubaku answers darkly: ”Washington, D.C.” (And everyone in L.A. issues a sigh of relief.)

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