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'24' recap: Closing the net

Jack and Renee capture Dubaku and Moss finds out that Sean is a mole, but each success comes with its own casualty

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We begin tonight’s recap of 24 with a belated Valentine’s Day tribute to a special person: Colonel Ike Dubaku, who always took time out from his terrorist ways to pretend his name was Samuel so he could track down the most precious thing known to man — love. Dubaku, even though your girlfriend betrayed you after she found out you were the Butcher of Sangala, you didn’t kill her. No, you opened your heart even wider. Of course, your hopeless romantic side has left you bloodied and on the edge of death, but we urge you: Never turn your back on love, even when love stabs you in it.

We begin at the FBI, where Erika confronts Sean about the warrant issued from his station. He hushes her (”You want us to get caught?”), explaining that the warrant derailed Jack and Rene — Wait, this isn’t about their affair! Erika=Mole 2! (I approve of this twist, and not just because it half-vindicates me. Last week’s reveal of Sean proved a reverse red-herring of sorts: We were led to him early on, then directed away, then wondered if they’d really go there when Mr. Curious felt suspicious again. In any case, turning it into a double-mole situation puts us back on our toes, where we belong.) Asked why he didn’t loop her in, Sean tells Erika, ”The last thing I need right now is one of your meltdowns. Now listen, I got you into this, and I’m going to get you out of it, but not if you start panicking. You’ve got to keep it together.”

Marika is having trouble doing that in an alley. Dubaku manhandles her, accuses of her of being a turncoat, and destroys her cell (R.I.P., trace). She tries to bolt, but he grabs her: ”I trusted you! How could you do this to me?” ”The FBI told me who you really are!” she sputters. He insists they’re lying and goes on a political rant before delivering this shocker: ”I’m a forgiving man, Marika. I still want you to come with me. I want to give you the life that I promised.” (He’s BS-ing, right? Is he really this lovesick?) ”I can’t go with you,” she cries. ”I don’t know who you are!” But he keeps on sweet-talking her and locks in the Dubaku love stare until she finally whispers, ”All right.” ”You won’t be disappointed,” he vows. (You also probably won’t be alive, which means you can’t feel disappointment, so technically I’m not lying.)

After Metro PD releases Jack and Renee — sorry for the hilarious misunderstanding — Larry informs them that Marika’s cell isn’t trackable anymore. Tail lost? Using those handy traffic cams, Chloe spots Dubaku and Marika entering a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Tail found! En route to the airfield, Dubaku tells an unhappy Burnett, a.k.a. The Suit, that Marika’s had a ”change of heart.” When Dubaku hangs up, he tells her, ”I look forward to no longer dealing with people like him…I want to spend time with people I really care about.” Marika smiles. But when she turns away, the smile vanishes. She’s still Team FBI.

Jack pulls a hard left through a park and Dubaku’s driver spots him. The screechy chase ends when Jack’s vehicle meets a Zippy Taxi. Tail lost? Marika panics, and claws the driver’s face; their Jeep Cherokee strangely flips over a Taurus. Renee and Jack run over. Jack shoots the driver and subdues a dazed-and-contused Dubaku while Renee tries to extract Marika from the burning car. After Renee ignores Jack’s orders to save herself, he tries to grab her, but she pulls her gun on him. ”I gave her my word!” shouts Renee. ”So back off or help me!” Staredown. Then Jack unpins Marika and they drag her lifeless body across the pavement (ow! Roadburn!) before the Cherokee explodes. A distraught Renee attempts to revive Marika. Lost cause. Who wants to tell Rosa? Ummm…not it!

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