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'24' recap: Crisis management

Jack captures Tony and helps onetime stooge Jibraan become a hero, but gets caught in the latest Kim cougar trap

24, Kiefer Sutherland

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He wielded frightening fists of fury. Ground his point into a bad guy’s neck. Played bumper cars with real cars. Hustled a ticking bioweapon into a hazmat van. Last night, it felt like Jack was back — you know, the one who wasn’t knocking on death’s door — just for a little while. There were a good number of charged moments jammed into episode 22, which proved at least 22 percent more exciting than the previous week’s installment, and even featured up-and-coming action hero Jibraan ”Bomb Runner” Al-Zarian. Want specifics? Put your earpiece back in and listen up.

Mourning commute? Fake Tricia and Alan reviewed the attack plan: The bioweapon would be unleashed at Washington Center Station, killing 8,000 to 10,000 people. (At 5:30 a.m.? Guess they rise early in D.C.) Tony gave Jibraan an earpiece and few instructions. ”I’m not stupid,” said Jibraan. ”I know you are going to blame me for something.” But scared for his brother’s life, he entered the subway as ordered by Tony, who also tracked him via mini-computer.

At Jibraan’s apartment, 24’s busiest EMT tried to administer morphine to the goon that Hamid stabbed, but Jack stopped him cold (do Jack and this medic have a beef we don’t know about?), and advised Renee to step out. ”Do what you need to do,” she said. So Jack pressed the hostile for information on the attack. Literally. He dug into his neck wound until the guy coughed up Tony’s digits, then forced him to dial Tony, with Chloe tracing the call. Alas, she could only narrow his whereabouts to the Adams Morgan district, needing more time to complete the decryption. Jack reminded her of the situation’s urgency by using her formal name, Dammit Chloe.

Next came a fantastically creepy moment. Inside the Metro station, Jibraan removed his earpiece and discreetly told a booth attendant to call the cops about a terrorist situation. Dubious, she passed him to a nearby officer (does Jibraan have poor peripheral vision?). As Jibraan tried to explain, the cop instructed, ”Put the earpiece back in.” ”What?” said a stunned Jibraan. Cop: ”I said, Put the earpiece back in. Now.” (Did someone open the freezer? Because I just got the chills.) Loved Tony’s warning to Jibraan: ”We’ll be watching. We’re always watching.”

Jack’s fist vs. Tony’s face After Chloe tracked down Tony’s location, Jack used the smash-and-grab technique. As in, he smashed into Tony’s van and grabbed him as Tony frantically tried to destroy his mini-computer. Time for a superawesome sleeper hold, minus the ”Don’t fight it” whisper. (But plus a ”piece of crap” insult.) In round 2, Jack instructed the men guarding the handcuffed Tony to ”walk away,” and then coldcocked the hell out of him. ”I am not going to stop until you tell me where [the canister] is,” declared Jack, delivering a bloody reign of pain. (I haven’t witnessed a Jack beating this vicious since Jack Shephard speed-bagged Ben’s face in Lost’s season 3 finale).

”Why did you betray me?” asked Jack sadly. ”Why?” Off Tony’s nihilistic no-response, Jack whipped out his gun and pointed it at Tony’s head: ”I have nothing left to lose. You either tell me where that canister is, or so help me God I will lay you down right here right now!” ”You think I’ve got anything left to lose, Jack?” Tony finally answered, with a twisted chuckle. ”Do it.” In the moment of truth/justice, Jack…lowered his gun. (Didn’t even give him a matching hole in his other hip.) Renee — who, with the help of Janis, Chloe, and Tony’s applets, deduced that Jibraan was red-lining his way to Washington Center — hurried over to Jack. Gotta go. Devastated, Jack walked away from his dead-eyed ex-friend. The face-rearranging was lightly cathartic, but their business remain decidedly unfinished.

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