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'24' recap: It's a gas, gas, gas

Jack faces a hard choice that's never been hard for him before and winds up in a new kind of danger himself, while Larry gets on board with Jack and Renee (sort of) and Jonas slips off the track a little

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What? Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. I was just quietly sitting here on the side of my big rig — you know, contemplating the crazy curves that life can throw you. But enough about me. Let’s turn the key and rev up episode 15 of 24, which was rolling along harmlessly until it suddenly merged onto a highway called The Danger Zone. (It’s also known as Highway 236, but that doesn’t sound as cool.)

Blame the Boss Moss When Larry phoned Ethan with the news of Senator Mayer’s murder, Ethan freaked: ”How could you have let this happen, Agent Moss??? I released Jack Bauer into your custody! I ordered you to keep him on a short leash!” (Quick peek inside Ethan’s brain: Please don’t call me on this. Please don’t call me on this…) Boss Moss did just that, defending himself: ”No, no, Mr. Kanin — you are not going to lay this one at my feet! It was your decision to give Bauer access to Burnett! I advised you against it!” Ethan was so shell-shocked, he had to ask Larry to repeat what he’d just said, and then he admitted, ”Yes, you did.” Man, did Ethan look distressed about the mess he’d set in motion. (That, or it was a bad blintz from the White House employee break room.)

OMFG! FG Speaks! (And Ethan resigns.) It’s not quite as shocking as, say, Jack tasering a bulldozer, but our First Gentleman is alive and talking! Out of surgery, FG chatted on the phone with a relieved President Taylor, who shared that Olivia was at the White House. ”She’s come home, Henry,” she gushed. ”This crisis, it brought us together.” ”I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me,” he responded. The Prez promised to visit with FD soon. ”When you can,” he said. ”I’m not going anywhere….” (Because I was POISONED WITH A NEUROMUSCULAR PARALYTIC and SHOT IN THE CHEST. But again, no rush to come see me.)

After hanging up, the Prez jinxed this rare moment of happiness: ”Oh, maybe, maybe, maybe, just maybe this day will end on a positive note.” A piano didn’t fall on her head, but Ethan killed her buzz with the news that Mayer was apparently murdered by Jack. Then he solemnly tendered his resignation, despite her protests: ”You’re a great woman, Allison. You have great work yet to do. I’m a liability to you now….” (As she stroked his arm and they clasped hands, I wondered if this relationship was always strictly professional.) ANYWAY, bad news for one Taylor woman was good news for another….

Danger: Daughter ahead! As Ethan gathered his belongings, FD dropped by to gloat, er, say goodbye and how sorry she was. ”Well, I appreciate the courtesy, if not the sincerity,” replied Ethan. After an exchange of perfunctory apologies, Ethan tried to warn her about a dangerous thing called ambition. ”It’s not about doing whatever it takes to win,” he noted. ”It’s about doing what’s right for the American people.” She volleyed back, ”Sometimes those things aren’t mutually exclusive.” Ethan recognized a lost cause and split.

This neatly set up the reveal you kinda knew was coming: FD dialed the CNB reporter and instructed him to go with the Burnett-Bauer story. (You liar/leaker!) Further playing her media pawn, FD tossed in bonus scoopage: Ethan was forced to resign after Jack killed Mayer. ”It’s all yours in time for the 11 o’clock,” said FD. ”I told you I’d take care of you, didn’t I?” Her one request? ”Make sure Kanin’s the fall guy. My mother’s nowhere near this. Understand?” The excited reporter tried to pin her down for dinner, but she evaded: ”Maybe next week.” After all, she was still digesting Ethan. Oh, and FD? Agent Pierce will not be pleased to hear about this behavior.

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