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'24' recap: It's a matter of trust

Jack briefly finds an ally, but then is reminded that it's his lot in life to go it alone

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‘24’ recap: It’s a matter of trust

There I was, all broken up over Bill, riding around aimlessly in my Blue Van of Justice, tears streaming down my silver-bearded face, wondering how I was going to kick this funereal funk. Then Monday night rolled around, and a welcome distraction arrived in the form of episode 14 of 24: A square-off in the White House inner circle? A game-changing alliance lasting no longer than a Tic Tac??? A clash involving A BULLDOZER!?!?! Let’s back this baby up and kick it into high gear.

CarJacked Kief the Thief has boosted a few rides this season, and he picked a sweet one to open this episode; it came complete with a laptop, so he could transmit DVD data on the go. Let us also pay props to Jack’s multitasking abilities: He drove, computed, and executed a passive-aggressive play with Renee, who balked at helping him ID a photo of Quinn: You know what? Forget it. I made a mistake. Sorry to bother you with an annoying plea to help your country. Don’t worry, I’ll just risk life and limb doing the right thing all alone, and good luck with being a bad person. Of course, Renee wouldn’t leave Jack hanging, so she quickly dug up the deets on John Quinn: Black ops combat vet. Works for Starkwood. (No mention of his penchant for asking old men about their families before making them eat pillow.) After Renee explained that the Pentagon outsourced billions in contracts to Starkwood — and that none other than Senator Mayer was investigating the company — Jack decided to make a house call. No big deal if you’re not there, Sen. Mayer, Jack can just let himself in….

Chuck Morris, kickass tech star Morris O’Brian popped up at the FBI, looking for wife Chloe, only to learn that she was in holding. Larry was looking for someone to decode the encrypted address that Renee sent to Jack, only to learn that the task required level 6, Blowfish 148 skillz. Guess what? Morris is qualified! But not interested. Boss Moss pressed him harder, warning that Chloe was facing 15 years or more in the slammer. Morris caved, but only after securing Chloe’s immunity deal. Time to log onto SmugMorris.com. Morris told Larry that decryption was a piece of cake if you knew the override codes. Larry: ”And you do?” Morris: ”Yeah.” Larry: ”Will this take long?” Morris: ”Course not.” Larry: ”Mr. O’Brian, can you tell me specifically when you’ll have the file decrypted?” Morris: ”Yes…………… Now.”

His reunion with Chloe started off Bangor-in-January chilly; she gave him pouty mouth for selling out Jack. C’mon, Chloe! Like Peter Cetera, Morris did it all for the glory of love! Or at least so your son Prescott could be spared ”the inconvenience of having a convict for a mother.” After all, his baby-therapy bills are already out of control.

Bonus Jonas We’ve been treated to the calm, cool, and collected version of Jonas Hodges, who utters quirky one-liners. Now it’s time for the Starkwood head to show you that he’s not just some one-dimensional, Satan-is-my-copilot villain: He has feelings. And his own unique brand of patriotism. As he ranted to Seaton, ”I get no pleasure from the knowledge that people will die at our hands. One single soul — the loss of one soul is tragic to me! Let alone the numbers we’re talking about! But do not forget that every war worth fighting involves collateral damage — and what we’re doing is fundamentally and absolutely necessary! And I know you understand that!” Jonas then instructed Seaton to gather their colleagues, and ”tell them to pack their pajamas and their toothbrushes. It’s going to be a long night.” Oy. Doesn’t even sound like they’ll have time to sneak in a game of darts.

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