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On the slim chance you didn’t have 90210 on the brain after a week off, the writers were back with a jaw-dropping episode—I can say that because I literally dropped my jaw when Oscar spilled the beans—and a one-two punch. The left hook? Oscar’s aforementioned bean-spilling. The right jab? Jen’s shocking sincerity. Let’s head back to West Beverly, shall we?

Ivy, Laurel, and Oscar
When her surfer clock alarm went off, Ivy remembered that awful deed she did (sex) and who she did it with (Oscar). Being naked in front of her gross house guest? That was bad, but not as bad as having Dixon at her house while Oscar was trying to cajole her into round 2. Dixon came clean and apologized profusely for breaking up with Ivy and lying about having feelings for Sasha, which only made Ivy feel worse. Earth mother Laurel beamed at the scene, reflecting on Ivy and Dixon’s love, telling Oscar that her relationship with Ivy had been the only thing she has ever done right. This, of course, was Oscar’s cue to put the final touches on Operation: Ruin Laurel’s Life. And just like that, at Laurel’s record label anniversary party (by the way, is any party ever not at the beach club?), Oscar told Ivy that he had slept with both her and her mother. It was a long-bubbling plot to avenge the pill- and booze-fueled death of Oscar’s mother, who couldn’t cope after Oscar’s father left her following a fling with Laurel. Ivy was obviously distraught and angry, while Laurel looked mortified. To top it off, the splicing of Oscar’s “we’re even now” and Chris Isaak’s lyric of “What a wicked thing to do” couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. It all had the makings of a great Greek tragedy, no? Or at least a great CW one.

Naomi, Jen, and Ryan
Remember how I was dogging on the emotionalizing of Jen? Well, it almost seemed like the writers pulled it back a few thousand feet and gave her a more realistic soft side. After seeing a photo of Jacques/Jack on Ryan’s phone, Naomi paid a visit to big sis — with Silver and a teddy bear in tow. Jen initially refused to let the girls see Jacques/Jack, but Mama Wilson, who brought all sorts of fierceness to the moment, told Jen not to be a bitch and took the girls upstairs. In the process, Jen overheard Silver and Naomi talking about the Cannon rape on the baby-com. And much like a bad soap, Naomi reiterated the entire incident in a way that no one in real life actually would. “I don’t want anyone else to know that Mr. Cannon raped me,” she told Silver.

Thank god, we didn’t have to wait for Jen to confront Naomi, because it was a pretty awesome scene between two sisters who are usually in battle mode with each other. Jen wasn’t just angry, she wanted to murder Cannon, or at the very least castrate him. The problem was Naomi couldn’t trust her, after seeing that Jen had ripped up the bear in search of a nanny cam. Pretty soon, Ryan entered the picture, explaining that he had actually seen Cannon and Naomi together the night of the rape. Unfortunately, he’d also been drunk at the time. Even though it’d jeopardize his job to admit that he was the one who knocked down the school sign, Ryan said he’d come forward to the school board. That is, if Naomi decided to come forward as well.

NEXT: Somebody goes topless! (And we’re not talking about the guy working as a human mannequin, either!)

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