Nick Nadel
December 17, 2013 AT 09:04 AM EST

This week, we dive back into the artificial body parts black market that has been an interesting runner throughout the series thus far. So let’s get into episode six, “Arrhythmia.”

We kick off with a depressing peek into the future of our healthcare system, as people stand in line at a clinic waiting to receive assistance from hologram doctors. One poor guy is about to hear his diagnosis when the hologram starts to flicker out. (Insert Obamacare joke here.) Suddenly, a man wielding a gun storms in and demands to see a surgeon. He’s going to have a heart attack and needs a cardiovascular surgeon right away. Suddenly he collapses and whispers his final words to the doctor: “They killed me. They killed me…”

In the squad car, we find John and Dorian arguing over a red light that John has just blown through. John says that Dorian should break a rule now and then. They get a distress call and head to the clinic, where Dorian comes face-to-face with another DRN model repairing a machine. He looks just like Dorian! (Hang on a sec — Do all the DRNs look like Dorian? I assume so, right, since all of the MXs have the same face? Also, will we ever find out who was the original inspiration for the Dorian face?)

Dorian says it’s weird to see one of his kind doing menial labor, since they were designed to be cops. (Remember that Dorian dodged this fate, as he was going to be sent to NASA before John had him recommissioned.) “You were designed to be a cop? Huh,” John quips. The gunman is revealed to be Leonard Lee, a man with terminal congestive heart failure who had a Biomech artificial heart. However, the doctors have no official record of a transplant ever happening. Looks like we’re dealing with an artificial parts black market. (Speaking of, is John still getting his back alley memory treatments? What happened with that?)

Later in the car, Dorian has a surprise: he’s bringing his DRN lookalike along for the ride. He wants to help Dorian 2 achieve his original programming and be a cop instead of working fixing medical equipment, which actually is pretty noble in and of itself. It’s not like he was cleaning toilets or anything. Rudy calls and reveals that Mr. Lee’s artificial heart has a special modification that he needs to run diagnostics on. John is annoyed with the motorboat noises that Dorian 2 is making and stops the car and says that somebody has to get out. Suddenly, Dorian 2 bolts out of the car and tackles a random guy talking to someone in another car. The driver of the car abandons his vehicle, which hits another parked vehicle, which hits a fire hydrant, which shoots through the air where it hits a flying gyroscope thing which then slams into a nearby MX giving a woman a ticket. It’s a great, Rube Goldberg-ian moment. I seriously cannot get enough of random MX destruction.

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