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Marc Vera
June 14, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”The Amazing Race”: Colin and Christie rule

The most thrilling moment of this episode was when I freaked out thinking I had missed the damn thing. On CBS ‘s New York City affiliate, the Yankee game ran a bit late, so when I turned on the office TV at 10 p.m., what I encountered was not The Amazing Race but baseball. I was seriously flipping out, sprinting down the hallways of EW screaming at the top of my lungs. Later, after I had figured out what was going on and watched the episode, I realized that the only part that approached the excitement of that initial freakout was the preview of the next show. Sad, really.

With only two episodes left, the excitement should be building. Let’s see which of the teams might provide a thrilling finish.

The cuddly bowling moms have been surprising everyone from the beginning. Sure, they started out riding the coattails of other teams, but is that really a bad thing? Let the others do all the hard work and hope you aren’t last — sounds like a pretty good strategy. But recently, the moms have actually been stepping up to the plate and have proven their worth. Their children will be proud after seeing their mothers ”sledging” off the highest legal drop in New Zealand during the whitewater Detour. So some find their matching outfits annoying; I find them charming. The moms’ chances of winning, however, are slim to none. Spunk alone rarely takes you to the end of the game.

Colin and Christie do have a lot of fight within them. Unfortunately, they direct it at each other. If Colin could stop being so manly for one second (I never knew admitting you were wrong was so difficult) and let Christie help out, they’d be doing better emotionally. Not very likely: The preview showed that Colin is really going to blow up next week and say he hates Christie. Personally, I’m getting a little tired of their bickering and think they should give me one of the 573 vacations they’ve won for finishing first, as they won’t have time to take them, since they’ll be in couples therapy. Still, if Colin can keep his trap shut, they could win it all. I, for one, am hoping Chip and Kim Yield their asses next week.

Speaking of Chip and Kim — how have they gotten so far in this race? They were bringing up the rear along with the bowling moms in the beginning, yet they’ve managed to hang on. Kim has to rein in Chip’s fatherly, ”got to help everyone” approach. Not Yielding the twins, in exchange for a hug, was not smart. Lucky for Chip and Kim, it didn’t work to their disadvantage. I’m worried that next week they may be the ones getting backstabbed by Colin and Christie, who vowed to never use the Yield.

The Godels, featuring the obscenely cautious Brandon and the ”I want a million dollars!” Nicole, are still in it. If you ask them, it’s because God wants it that way. Maybe producer Jerry Bruckheimer has an ulterior motive and wants us all to convert to Christianity. That would explain why the pretty pair found the clue in the mud right after Brandon prayed to the Lord. So if we convert, when we go on a reality show and pray, we’ll win! The Godels, however, keep undercutting the message by taking matters into their own hands and doing something quite savvy and cutting, proving at best that the Lord helps those who help themselves.

It was game over this week for the bubbleheaded, absentminded twins, Kami and Karli. They had more than a few hiccups in the game, most notably running into the Egyptian desert with no known course. Only luck, oh wait, I mean Chip, helped them there. And only luck, oh wait, I mean their sexiness, helped them out in Dubai. Well, their luck ran out, but damn, they had fun. At least they seemed to have said they did.

Next week will reveal the final three teams that’ll fight it out in the finale, unless the producers flip on us and have the next leg be the last non-elimination round, leaving four teams running for the goal in the season finale. Now that, dear readers, would be amazing.

What did you think? Was this episode one long Detour?

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