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The Amazing Race recap: Neptune's Booty

A crowd-pleasing street performance challenge and a Double U-Turn get the best of one very likable team

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BEGGING FOR IT Nicky and Kim out-beard the Beards.


The Amazing Race

Season 23, Ep. 5 | Aired Oct 27

Oof. It was no fun hearing that haunting line from Brandon and Adam in last week’s episode: “We don’t need your damn Express Pass!” they yelled, carefree, as they jogged away from Tim and Marie in the fish-hanging challenge. I loved it when it happened. But as we found out tonight, the affable bearded wonders from northern California fell straight to the bottom after starting the second half of an extended leg on top. They could not beg for money aggressively enough. (They didn’t have boobs, as they explained it.) And they got U-Turned, since they could now officially be seen as a threat. And now they’re gone. No more facial hair.

Shaving sucks. The loss of Brandon and Adam is a big bummer. These guys were so into the experience of racing and spending time together and rarely mentioned the money, except when Brandon said at the end of the episode, “We couldn’t buy this experience with the million dollars.” I’d been rooting for them the most….who now, then? Nicole and Travis? Nicky and Kim? Tim and the Travelocity Gnome after he comes to his senses and leaves Pinky for good?

Let’s begin. Tim and Marie’s second Express Pass wasn’t destined to remain nestled in Pinky’s fanny pack forever – despite last episode’s “cliffhanger” which suggested otherwise, Marie did actually give it up to Nicole and Travis, who helped them find the Pit Stop in Norway. “This is the first time I’ve ever let you make a decision,” Marie made sure to announce out loud to Tim. So let the record show… that Tim is a reasonable person with his own brain. Yeah! Burn!

(Apparently it wasn’t a problem that Tim and Marie arrived at the live pit stop without all physical components of the clues.)

The race evens out as all teams hop abroad a breezy 34-hour boat trip to Trondheim, Norway as well as a magical hair-and-makeup-plane to Gdansk, Poland. (Either that or there’s something creepy way up their in the Northern European airspace that creates perfectly coiffed loose beach waves for Ally and Ashley.)

Ho, hum… time passes… endless stillness and contemplation… and then the thumpin’ trance music re-enters the scene. Everyone’s on foot again. Let’s go!

Ha, Tim and Marie are suddenly in last place. Amazing start – can we pause it here forever?

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