Ariana Bacle
May 05, 2014 AT 03:00 AM EDT

If you thought Dave and Connor were over Rachel and Brendon U-Turning them by this point… you were very wrong.

The father-son duo got to start off the race this week and they quickly learned a U-Turn was involved in this leg. Which, of course, meant they brought up how rude it was that Brendon and Rachel U-Turned them that one time. AGAIN. Will it ever end? The cowboys, on the other hand, are trying to play it smart and vowed to stay out of the whole Accidental Alliance vs. Brenchel battle. Thank you, cowboys. Thank you.

Onto the first assignment: Teams have to fly to Seville, Spain, and find their next clue between monuments of Caesar and Hercules. The Afghanimals and Dave and Connor get the earliest flights out and are pumped, thinking they’re going to get there first and have a head-start. And they do get there first — Brendon, Rachel, the country singers, and the cowboys all get on a later flight with an overnight layover in Barcelona before arriving in Seville in the morning. But this doesn’t work in the early birds’ favor: Once Leo, Jamal, Dave, and Connor get to the monuments, they find a plaque: “Your clue will arrive at 8:30 a.m.,” it says. So much for rushing!

Once the sun rises, the two teams do get to the monuments first and find out they must sharpen their razors for a barber-themed roadblock: Teams have to emulate the barbers of a popular barbershop full of opera singers by using the proper technique to “shave” a balloon in 60 seconds. Sadly, the actual barbers are the only ones singing, so we never get to hear what kind of pipes these Amazing Racers have.

Connor hasn’t ever used a straight-edge razor before so struggles, but ends up finishing first anyway, much to Jamal’s dismay: “It was kind of depressing for me to see Connor, who hasn’t even gone through puberty, who doesn’t have any kind of facial hair on his face, get it done before me.” Now, now, Jamal — no one likes a sore loser.

Rachel chooses to be the barber of her team, and gets — understandably — stressed. Jenna pops multiple balloons before getting the go-ahead, as does Jet. But after everyone finishes, it’s detour time.

Everyone heads to the Alcázar after the roadblock to receive the detour, and they have two choices: They can either learn a dance routine with a flamenco instructor and perform it perfectly or “run with the ballz,” a take on running with the bulls that involves getting in a plastic inner-tube-like bumper and making their way through the streets of Seville — while also memorizing a quote that’s written on signs throughout their journey and reciting that quote to a matador at the end. It wouldn’t be Amazing Race without insane multitasking!

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