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October 06, 2016 AT 01:13 PM EDT

Disney may be making a live-action Lion King, but there’s already a live-action Pumbaa creeping through the unkempt grounds of Roanoke over on FX.

In the first three minutes of this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Pig in the City, Shelby comes face-to-face with the season’s featured creature, the Pig Man, or as Dr. Elias Cunningham later calls him, Mr. Piggy. (Canon, or term of endearment?) Shelby’s apparently quickly forgiven Matt for artpopping Lady Gaga’s Witchy Wood Nymph in the forest last week, just in time to get attacked in the shower by a lithe Pig Man who comes after her with a knife and a squeal.

Fortunately, she and Matt are rescued by the sudden return of Elias, who says “Croatoan!” and makes Mr. Piggy disappear. Shelby’s, unsurprisingly, less interested in the surprise appearance of the man who went crazy on a series of VHS tapes in their basement; she’s more interested in finding out more about “Croatoan,” which she’s now heard thrice (and as we know, nothing registers with Shelby until it happens three or more times). All Elias offers is that Croatoan — the message left at Roanoke for other wayward colonists looking to find the relocated grounds — is now a word of dark power and blood magic.

Elias then shares some intel about the house’s paranormal history: Over the years, everyone who lived there either went missing or died. He tells the tale of an immigrant Taiwanese family terrorized and killed by the colony; the two sister nurses, who were horrifyingly de-limbed; and Edward Phillipe Mott, who built the house in 1792 and was the first to go missing. (Mott… as in, Dandy Mott, as in, the inbred serial killer of Freak Show, whose origin story Ryan Murphy has said will be explored this season, meaning we definitely haven’t heard the last of Edward Mott).

And so, given the history, Elias bought the house and kept the deed for decades so others wouldn’t move in. Which explains why the Butcher’s colony is now so bloodthirsty for the new, fresh intruders. It turns out they’re harmless during the year, but it just so happens that all the murders and disappearances happen during a six-day blood moon lunar cycle in October, which — convenient! — starts TONIGHT.

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Not that that would make any difference in the world to Shelby and Matt, who are the “watched pot never boils” of common sense. But still, they follow Elias into the woods to see what he can do to help them.

(Meanwhile, they also realize that, oh shoot, maybe we should go save Lee from being falsely imprisoned after Shelby accused her of murdering her husband, but nope! A chore for another Monday!)

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