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American Idol recap: No Time For Losers

One of the Top 7 heads home, one of the Top 3 is a travesty, and Carrie Underwood performs

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SHOW-OFF Wait, now Lazaro know the words?!


American Idol

Season 12, Ep. 25 | Aired Apr 04

Whoa. After Jimmy Iovine very clearly stated during his weekly Truth from a Turtle segment that Lazaro Arbos was the only contestant in the Top 7 who should go home tonight, I thought the judges would opt to use their one save of the season on bottom-vote-getter Burnell Taylor. Keith and Randy even rose from their chairs in sort of a sideways squat/lean during Burnell’s save-me song. Unheard of!

Alas, no save. Burnell goes home – or “fell through the trapdoor,” as Jimmy put it while describing the way the New Orleans kid paled in comparison to his Wednesday night duet partner (and BFF on the show – did anyone else cry while watching the tracks of her tears?) Candice Glover.

Burnell’s “Ready for Love” was very moving, especially during the second half of the song while he basically hovered under Candice and watched her cry, then addressed his crush, teen dream Amber Holcomb, to let her know one last time that he was ready for her to love him back. But in the end, the last-ditch performance wasn’t enough, and considering Burnell’s disappointing lack of effort to make this week’s Rock theme work, I suppose the judges made the right call. The producers probably prefer to save a girl next week, because…..

Lazaro Arbos was voted into the Top 3! The stuttering ice cream scooper who appeared for the second night in a row to be stuffing his pants – and this time they were WHITE JEANS – could seriously become American Idol’s 2013 champion. I…. don’t really know what to say! I don’t think any of the other contestants did, either, as he sauntered over to join fellow Top 3 singers Kree Harrison and Angie Miller. His staying power officially feels like an embarrassing joke!

Kree, Angie, and Lazaro = Top 3
Amber and Candice = safe
Janelle Arthur and Burnell = Bottom 2

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