Jake Perlman
May 09, 2014 AT 02:20 AM EDT

Hey – did you know that the top 3 on American Idol get to go home each season to a big parade and celebration? And everyone screams and cheers for them as if they have been famous for years and not just a couple of months only on one singing competition show. Oh, you did? So we didn’t need to remind you constantly throughout the show? Whoops – sorry about that.

But before three of them go home heroes, one more had to just well, go home. J. Lo and Keith both seemed anxious at the beginning of the show. “This is what they would call the big cut, right?” Usually J. Lo – sure, this would be considered a big cut. But after Wednesday night’s performances, it was pretty clear who deserved to go home at least. Caleb and Jena both rocked out three strong individual performances about the many topics of love, while Alex and Jessica were a little more uneven. Across the board, all four competitors ended the night with their best performances though, which was a good way to boost some final votes their way.

After Ryan did his first successful results fake out into a commercial break, we got to see the final four enjoying some of their favorite activities that they do back home. Because no matter what, they will all go home next week, but one will just go home, as Jessica explained it. I’m sure she heard the difference in her own head at least. Jessica and Alex went guitar shopping (like they need more guitars) and everyone enjoyed a nice Detroit-style Coney Dog, representing Jena’s home town back in Michigan. So of course Ryan had to bring out some beignets for Harry and New Orleans. Say hello to a bad idea. Not only did Harry proceed to throw the beignets into the albeit screaming/hungry audience, but he also decided to have a little fun with some of the powdered sugar on his nose and impersonate a certain Al Pacino film character. Let’s just say J. Lo had to quickly remind him that this is technically still a family show and quickly wiped it off his face and yelled at him that “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO THROW FOOD!” True, but you’re not supposed to curse on national television either and you kind of did that last night too J. Lo. Next thing you know Keith will get naked – wait actually, I’m fine with that.

Jena and Caleb, as expected, were the first two to make in into the top three. I guess technically there was no bottom two, but Alex and Jessica would have been it any way. After a “walk in the park” that just included more talk about the excitement about going home a hero with the fear of ending up a zero, Jessica Meuse was eliminated. The only thing that surprises me about Jessica’s elimination is that it happened in the month of May. She overstayed her welcome by a couple of weeks already. She was pretty emotional singing her swan song, her original piece “Blue Eyed Lie” that she already got to perform earlier this season. I imagine this must be a first time a contestant has sung their own original song as their final performance which is definitely something to be proud of and hopefully an interesting new direction the show could take in the now confirmed 14th season.

Do you agree with tonight’s results? Discuss in the comments below and get ready for the ticker tape parades next week!

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