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''American Idol'': Rate this week's performances!

How do you think the guys did in week 2 of the ''American Idol'' semifinals? Weigh in!

Mario Vazquez, American Idol

”American Idol”: Rate this week’s performances!

In the men’s portion of week 2 of the semifinals, David Brown, Constantine Needs No Last Name With That First One, and Joseph Murena bore the brunt of the judges’ (okay, Simon’s) disdain, while fortune-cookie-loving Anthony ”Clay 2.0” Fedorov, human slinky Travis Tucker, and Mario Vazquez’s shoes rang in the most praise. Nikko Smith ”got it on” by rocking the sleek black suit and hipster-chic glasses, Scott Savol showed some unexpected fashion sense, and Bo Bice convincingly re-created both the look and sound of 1970s classic rock. With highlights like Paula losing the ability to speak amidst her sweatiness and Seacrest outing himself as an openly short man, the ladies have their work cut out for them tomorrow night.

Did Simon come down too hard on poor Joseph (and Portuguese nightclubs)? Should the show ban screeching-white turtlenecks like David’s? And if Nikko is Bobby Brown, who among the ladies is his Whitney, because Simon won’t cut it! Tell us what you think! And come back on Wednesday morning for EW Online’s official take on the week in Idol.