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It was Motown Week on American Idol, which meant a lot of white blazers, plenty of scrambling to Wikipedia the 1960s, and “a massive amount of pressure,” considering that the Top 10 who survive tonight’s elimination will end up on the season 10 summer tour. At the top of the show, Ryan began to descend the Stairway to Heaven, and then before we knew it — about a year later — it was time for the singing. Here’s how it all went down.

Randy Jackson’s Mini Recap for Busy People: “They’re all really good tonight. They all showed up tonight.”

Wow, thanks Dawg! That’s so cool, that you’re blogging.

Casey Abrams kicked things off with a growlin’ and howlin’ rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” I thought it was pretty standard Casey fare, but the judges found it more mind-blowing than I did. Steven called out Casey’s “crazy out of control ego” as essential for working artists today, and J. Lo wracked her brain thinking of anyone who could possible compare to Casey. “Is there anybody out there right now like you? You might be, like, the guy right now!” Hold your horses, woman, this is just the first song. Even though the violinists ended up dominating Casey visually when he was back up on the stage, I loved that there was a live orchestra at all. The strings are such a vital part of that song. Strings! They’re amazing. They might be, like, the band section right now. I was not a fan of the flatter, straighter hair on Casey — it reminded me of the low-flow shower head episode of Seinfeld, which is always special, but not a great look for real life.

Thia Megia looked like an upside-down flower tottering around in stilettos as she sang Martha and the Vandellas’ “(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave.” I felt extremely uncomfortable watching this exquisite robot try so hard to have fun. Also, I find this song hilarious in that its most distinctive element is, obviously, someone yelling out “HEAT WAVE” over and over. It’s almost a directive, like “DANCE PARTY.” It’s preposterous! Who is this lady and why is she so emphatic about the weather? You sort of have to be kidding in order to pull it off. And I sort of get the impression that Thia has never made a joke in her entire little life. The judges, of course, loved it. “Okay! Okay! Okay!” began J. Lo, and if she’d ended her critique right there, we would have been on the same page. They were all thrilled that Thia had taken the bold step of trying extremely hard to loosen up. This one’s losing steam, I think. Its battery could die at any moment.

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