Annie Barrett
February 08, 2013 AT 03:32 AM EST

The guys’ section of the Hollywood Round continued tonight with the solos, and while it was nowhere near the letdown of Wednesday’s group performance trainwreck, the hour-long ep did disappoint by showing some of my faves — like rocker/baker Gabe Brown and sign language teacher Nate Tao — get eliminated after we hadn’t even heard them sing. WTF?

Still, plenty of guys delighted tonight, and Nicki Minaj put a few drama queens in their places — so let’s zip through the highlights. While 28 guys remain, eight of them will be eliminated next Thursday following the girls’ round, leaving 20 guys and 20 girls in the Top 40.

Paul Jolley could barely keep it together as he wobbled onstage and started babbling as if he were the only truly nervous person in the theater. Jolley, please. Mariah Carey attempted to help matters by waving her hands in front of her face and sitting up straight as if conjuring up a savory-smelling potion of perfect posture, but even that didn’t work. Thankfully Paul’s nerves eased up as he confidentially made his way through “Blown Away” — his voice was big enough that I decided it was okay that he was wearing such a snazzy white suit for this event.

Nicki really let Paul have it afterwards, though, calling his defeated demeanor “such a turnoff” and begging for “just one minute of professionalism and focus.” He had the nerve to protest — did she have any idea how nervous he was? the most nervous person in history? — but she had no time for that ish. “Jolley. It’s ONE. MINUTE. For you to come onstage and take it off of your face.”

Seriously, Nicki? Thank you. This is the first time I’ve yelled “YES” at my TV at a Nicki-centric moment all season. More of this, please! (And if she could take a few hundred layers of makeup off her face that would also rule.)

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