Stephanie Schomer
January 22, 2015 AT 03:14 AM EST

Hello, Idol fans, and hello, Minneapolis! What’s in store for us tonight? It’s anyone’s guess, really. Let’s find out together. It’s been seven years since Idol stopped in the Twin Cities, and I have high hopes for the episode, especially coming off the stellar auditions from last week’s New York hour.

First up, 17-year-old year old Shannon Berthiaume, who is from St. Paul, is quick to mock the region’s accent (making me warm to her immediately), AND has never performed in front of people before. Eek.

Well, Shannon, frankly, I don’t believe you. This girl can belt like crazy. This is not a lock-yourself-in-your-bedroom-and-sing-into-a-hairbrush kind of talent. Her performance is so natural, it’s hard to imagine she doesn’t live on stage. She, unsurprisingly, gets three quick yeses. Keith calls it raw talent, and he’s right. I’m excited to see what some coaching does. She’s so casual and cute and has a rock-y vibe, if she makes it to live shows, they are going to have so so so much fun glamming her up. She’ll be hard to compete with. Name. On. Post-it.

Let’s do a solid 180 for a second and meet Kemil Casey, who carries a gold mic (he brings the prop because he thinks it makes his audition more realistic?) and wears flip-flops. Singing a Michael Jackson song is always ambitious at an Idol audition, and Kemil’s rendition of “Human Nature” is a reminder why some songs should be left untouched. It’s also a reminder of how uncomfortable it is to watch less-than-great auditions on this show. Poor Kemil, a nice guy, is just not a gifted musician. Sigh. I’m not sure why we got our first extended bad-audition segment, but we did. J.Lo, I believe, says he could make a great manager in show biz. Jen, not sure that’s what he was going for.

Vanessa Andrea is up next. The mom of three, whose husband is currently serving in the Air Force, is obsessed with Keith Urban. (He’s on her “celebrity list,” you guys, she and her husband have talked about it!) This quirky lady, who forgot a guitar strap so is cradling it in her scarf like a BabyBjorn, is very likable and adores her husband, so much so that she starts crying while talking about him. Her lovely and surprisingly country performance of “Some Kind of Wonderful” surprised me. Actually, everything about her surprised me a bit, and I would love to see more of her. Big personality, good for TV. She calls her husband and the judges deliver their three yeses into the phone. Vanessa hugs Keith, and apparently he smells amazing! As if any of us are surprised.

NEXT: A bear hunter, a bear, and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

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