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''American Idol'': Tell us who should have left

On ''American Idol,'' it's Aloha to Aloha -- plus Joseph, David, and Celena, but Janay Castine somehow survives! Were the ousters outrageous or insightful? Weigh in!

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”American Idol”: Tell us who should have left

Let’s everyone take a moment of silence for Aloha Mischeaux. The 19-year-old from St. Louis with a winning smile, undeniable stage presence, and a flower behind her ear was one of four contestants booted from the semifinals on this week’s American Idol results show.

Though Aloha revealed that copyright issues forced her to change her song selection four times this week, she refused to use that as an excuse for her subpar rendition of ”You Don’t Know My Name” on Tuesday night. The judges reacted to her ouster with surprise. A lot of EW.com readers, though, saw it coming. ”I think the girls in trouble are Aloha, Janay, Amanda, and Celena,” wrote astute reader Leslie, who added that she nonetheless hoped Aloha would survive another week. (Me too, sister!)

Also knocked out on the women’s side was Celena Rae, whose uninspired ”When the Lights Go Down” had Simon predicting she’d end up as a hotel lounge singer. Not the worst work in the world, really.

Unfortunately, as I predicted in my Wednesday-morning column, the woeful Janay Castine scored enough sympathy votes after her hideous ”Hit ‘Em Up Style” to stay in the game — and I bet the panic-stricken warbler makes it all the way to the final 12. She’s this year’s Nikki McKibbin.

Two men were also eliminated Wednesday night: David Brown and Joseph Murena. While a few EW.com posters said they felt they hadn’t yet seen David’s best, most agreed the 20-year-old New Orleans native was a likely candidate for the chopping block. And although Murena never achieved fan-favorite status, a few of you were won over by his Monday-night rendition of ”Let’s Stay Together.” A poster with the moniker ”josephe & jessica” was pulling for Joseph, but apparently that reader was in the minority. Murena received the fewest number of votes among the men, a situation he blamed on lack of airtime during the show’s early weeks.

Our message boards also buzzed with love-‘em-or-hate-‘em scuttlebutt about effervescent Mikalah Gordon, Anthony ”Clay 2.0” Fedorov, and ”rock guy” Constantine Maroulis, as well as differing opinions on early favorite Carrie Underwood’s Tuesday-night performance of ”Piece of My Heart.”

Ellen wrote in that while she likes Underwood, the blond farm girl sang the heart-wrenching rock tune ”like it was a ‘fun’ song — smiling all the time. Janis sang it with the pain it deserved.” Brian, on the other hand, argued that ”the other girls don’t have enough talent to wipe Carrie’s brow.”

Ah well, we all can’t agree on everything. Though I will give a tip of my white-knit fedora to poster Filthy Ninja, who took umbrage with my comment about Lionel Richie’s ”dorkiest” track. ”Frankly, I know there is a tendency toward hyperbole in these reviews,” Ninja wrote, ”but no way is ‘All Night Long’ cheesier than ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.’ ” Point well taken.

What did you think about this week’s departures? Are voters paying too much attention to the judges’ opinions? Do you like the slightly kinder rejection format? And is a half hour plenty for the farewell shows?