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September 16, 2015 AT 03:05 AM EDT

Here are two things I bet you never thought you’d see on the America’s Got Talent final performance episode: Flo Rida singing in front of a passel of Radio City Rockettes. His gold chain necklace perfectly complements the dancers’ gold flapper outfits made of Christmas tree tinsel. It’s clear from this bizarre picture that this a special night. Even the judges all called each other before the show to make sure they matched, but weren’t too matchy matchy. It all comes down to this moment. Here’s a breakdown of the acts:

Oz Pearlman

I have to admit, I was a bit bored when Oz Pearlman correctly guessed which envelope the judges would NOT choose. I was more impressed when he correctly guessed the color of the chairs they would sit in on the stage. When he told them the individual names they selected when he asked them to swear on an actual person that they weren’t in on the act, I was very impressed. But is he Vegas worthy? I’m not sure that answer is yes.

Uzeyer Novruzov

Poor Uzeyer is hurt from last week’s fall and isn’t able to climb tall ladders in a single bound. That didn’t stop me from holding my breath the entire time we was performing. Unfortunately, I don’t think hopping on a ladder like a pogo stick up a few stairs and then hanging from a ladder that drops down from the ceiling is enough to get a sympathy vote from America this week. The judges agree with me.

Benton Blount

Benton definitely struggles to hit all the notes of One Direction’s “Story of My Life.” I guess that particular tune is in a boy band key. Even though the song is the perfect choice for his journey, his performance is definitely lacking. And bathing him in blue lights doesn’t help matters much. I assume this will not end well for Benton. Let’s get him a reality show so we can follow his cute family around all day long.

Gary Vider

Once again, I’m left feeling like one of my favorite acts fell flat. Gary’s slow pace normally doesn’t bother me, but this time it took forever for him to get to the punchline. His jokes about North Korea, Ryan Gosling, and his Jewish heritage are well-written, but by the time we reach the zinger, I don’t really care anymore. There are at least three “boobissippi’s” of dead space in some instances. That’s a little too dry for my taste.

Piff the Magic Dragon

I’m not sure what I think about Piff. He starts off with a simple trick with one of Howie’s $20 bills and that somehow morphs into Mr. Piffles being shot out of a cannon. It was all very discombobulated. One of Heidi’s rings and a rather large nut play a role in the act. In the end, Howie’s money was inside the nut. Piff is all over the map and it is evident that the judges are not feeling him. I’d be surprised if this dragon ended up in Vegas.

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