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Nuzhat Naoreen
April 25, 2013 AT 04:28 AM EDT

Arrow returned after a two-week hiatus tonight with an episode that, well, felt a lot like it was trying to cram two weeks’ worth of storylines into one hour. From the hunt for two deadly assassins to some major romantic developments, a lot happened during “Home Invasion.” But did any of it really leave an impact? Let’s assess:

When we last left Arrow, Oliver told Diggle he would help him take down Deadshot. Diggle, it seems, plans to hold him to it. During a workout sesh, he tells Oliver that they need to act before Deadshot makes any more widows out of wives. (Yeah, about that…During their talk, we see Deadshot take aim at another target — a politician, who I’m guessing had a wife who is now a widow). Oliver promises they will, but it will take some time since Deadshot is on another continent.

Meanwhile, the ever-crafty Felicity hones in on Deadshot’s whereabouts — hey, he’s headed back to Starling City! — by hacking into a federal agency database, which, she says, “Kind of makes me a cyber-terrorist, which is bad because I really don’t see myself fitting in well at Guantanamo Bay.” Oliver wryly tells her, “Don’t worry, Felicity, they don’t send blondes there.” And Felicity responds, “I dye it actually.” Then, after a beat: “I keep your secret.” Oliver has been warned, and he actually seems amused about it. Afterward, Diggle sets off to get more info on Deadshot, while Oliver goes to meet Laurel for lunch, which everyone obviously thinks is a terrible idea.

On the Island: Shado is planning to rescue her father and stop Fyers, but Slade warns her it won’t be easy, especially if they’re both infiltrating enemy territory. Shado says they need a cover. She suggests Oliver. She thinks he can protect them with a bow and arrow, but Slade isn’t convinced Oliver is up to the task. In fact, Oliver isn’t convinced Oliver is up to the task. But Shado doesn’t back down. She tells Slade that Oliver will learn to hit a mark by sundown — and if he doesn’t, she’ll go with whatever plan Slade suggests. Game on!

Back in Starling City: Diggle goes to see his friend Lyla to get an update on Deadshot, but she doesn’t bite. Apparently, she found out Deadshot killed Diggle’s brother, and now she feels used. She thinks Diggle wants her to use her agency to draw out Deadshot so he can avenge his brother’s death. Lyla warns Diggle to stay out of the case.

Meanwhile, Oliver goes to pick up Laurel for lunch, but she says she’s too busy to leave work. On his way out, Oliver meets Laurel’s new clients: A couple who were conned out of their life savings — and their adorable 7-year-old son’s college fund — by a financial advisor named Edward Rasmus.

Laurel warns them that Rasmus is a dangerous man, and we find out just how dangerous he is when he sends an assassin to shoot both the clients at their home later that evening. Luckily, Laurel’s clients’ young son, Taylor, manages to escape before the assassin can shoot him too.

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