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Nuzhat Naoreen
May 09, 2013 AT 03:17 AM EDT

Is Oliver ready to hang up the Hood? In tonight’s penultimate episode, he certainly seems tempted to do so. After months of struggling with his double life, Oliver realizes that the key to his freedom — and maybe even a relationship with Laurel — lies with destroying The Undertaking. Speaking of Laurel, the two finally get it on. But was it everything you had hoped it would be? (You know, assuming you actually cared about them enough to hope for anything).

We’ll discuss below, but first, let’s dial back to the start of an episode, which — with its two exits, one hook-up, and non-stop revelations — both set the stage and raised the stakes for next week’s finale.

As The Undertaking approaches, the Dark Archer is busy tying up loose ends. The episode kicks off at a lab inside Unidac Industries, where DA kills pretty much everyone in sight, including his go-to seismologist Brian Markov, and two unsuspecting scientists, who just moments before were planning to grab a drink after work. Needless to say, their work day ended with a not-so-happy hour.

At the hideaway, Diggle and Felicity give Oliver an update on Moira. The duo have been tracking her for the past few days to get intel on Walter’s abduction and The Undertaking, but Mrs. McQueen hasn’t made a single misstep. Oliver decides he’ll just have to confront Moira himself, but Felicity isn’t on board with the idea. “The last time the vigilante paid your mom a visit, you got shot and I got to play doctor with you,” she says. Then, after realizing what she actually said, she does a a face-palm, and adds: “Ugh, my brain thinks of the worst way to to say things.” That it does, Felicity. Her little spiel however doesn’t sway Oliver, who decides to move ahead with his plans.

Before cornering Moira, Oliver stops by the club where Laurel is waiting for him. She wants to know why Oliver said he still has feelings for her. Oliver doesn’t give her a straight answer, but it doesn’t matter. Laurel is ready to admit that she has feelings for Oliver too. Too bad Oliver shuts her down. Again. He tells Laurel that nothing has changed, that he hasn’t changed, which is really just a harsher version of, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Ouch.

Back at the Queen mansion, the family welcomes Walter home. Moira tells him there’s a big brunch waiting for him, but he excuses himself to lie down. Apparently, he’s not quite over the whole “my wife had me kidnapped” thing. Fair enough.

Later, Moira watches a news report about the lab massacre and runs off before Oliver can talk to her.

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