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David Ramsey, who plays Diggle, recently told EW that the mid-season finale of Arrow was going to be “so big” that viewers would be left thinking, “Oh no they didn’t!” So, did the episode live up to the hype? Let’s dig in below:

The episode opens with an old target: Adam Hunt. Hunt is on the phone trying to get a business deal going when suddenly a man in a hood, who he thinks is Arrow, shows up to his motel room and takes him out.

Cut to Oliver and Diggle sparring. Dig mentions that he needs to head to the store to buy a Christmas present for his nephew, and Oliver admits he didn’t even realize the holidays were coming up. “Probably because you’ve been logging in so many hood hours ever since that thing with Helena,” Dig slyly says. A slightly annoyed Oliver explains that his forgetfulness has more to do with his time on the island, where he didn’t exactly have a chance to celebrate holidays. “Every day was, ‘How do I stay alive,” Oliver says. After Oliver reminisces about his dad’s annual holiday party, Dig suggests he take a break from the list and spend Christmas with his family.

Cue a flashback to the island: The hooded man on the island visits Oliver. He’s impressed that Oliver isn’t dead yet. A few seconds later, the man drags in Edward, a.k.a. the same guy who recently tortured Oliver. Oliver immediately punches Edward, but before he can really hurt him, his hooded friend informs him that Edward can help him get off the island.

Back in Starling City, Oliver takes Dig’s advice and heads home. His mother and stepdad are hosting a dinner party and Oliver decides to join. The hot topic of discussion at dinner? The vigilante, of course. Both Walter and Tommy Merlyn’s dad seem willing to acknowledge that the vigilante has helped manage the city’s crime problem, but the police commissioner, who is also a guest, refuses to give him any credit.

Walter steps out to take a call from Felicity. It turns out she’s been working overtime on the list. Felicity informs Walter that seven of the men on the list have been targeted by the vigilante. Walter chalks it up to a coincidence. Felicity warns him that Doug Miller, the head of applied sciences at Queen consolidated, is also on the list. Miller, she says, could very well end up with an arrow in his stocking.

Back at the dinner table, the police commissioner gets word that the vigilante has struck again. When Oliver asks if everything is okay, the commissioner informs him that the vigilante just put an arrow into Adam Hunt.

At the crime scene, Det. Lance tells the commissioner that he doesn’t think the vigilante killed Hunt. He says the vigilante doesn’t use black arrows. Arrow stealthily listens in on the conversation.

Later at their lair, Oliver and Dig discuss Hunt’s death, and consider the possibility that Arrow is being set up. “Whoever it was, he’s good,” says Oliver. “The guy’s a legitimate archer.” Diggle wants to know what Oliver is going to do, and he surprises him by saying he’s going to call the cops for help.

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