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Ghosts of the past are haunting Star City on Arrow, one actually back from the dead and another a seeming message from beyond confirming another lost loved one is not so lost. Sara makes her presence known more forcefully by killing Star City citizens in her quest to find and murder Thea, the one who killed her. And while Felicity has decided to listen to Ray’s supposed dying message, there’s some artifacting on the file preventing her from hearing the full thing.

The former return offers a much more immediate threat, and it takes the assistance of one Mr. John Constantine to fully reclaim Sara’s soul. But before diving into the call to everyone’s favorite recently canceled hero, let’s take a look at how problematic things had to become for John’s particular set of skills to be required.

At the start of “Haunted,” Oliver’s primary concern is his mayoral campaign. Thea has hired a new political strategist, Alex Davis (Enlisted’s Parker Young), who wants Oliver to distance himself from Laurel. The Lances are a political storm just waiting offshore for the opportune moment to hurt him, and any signs of the Queen’s Gambit wreck or his continued friendship with Laurel could only do him harm.

Even though Thea hired the guy, she’s not so sure about Alex’s advice. While she and Ollie spar in the Arrow cave, she notes that ignoring his closest friends would sure go against his “United” campaign slogan. (In the moment, Oliver also notices Thea’s fighting seems more focused after that spa weekend.) But their talk is interrupted when Felicity acts like the Voice of God over the lair’s PA system to alert them to an attack at a club. Seems this blond woman terrorizing the town is striking again.

They arrive on the scene only to find Laurel in Canary mode fighting with the assailant. Oliver prepares to strike…until he sees that it’s Sara, who uses his moment of hesitation to flee.

Oliver wastes no time in seeing through the spa-weekend lie, realizing the Lazarus Pit has been used to revive Sara. Laurel is angry that he’s judging her, but if Oliver is judging, it’s because she’s been meddling with forces she has little comprehension of. (Try getting stuck on and off an island for five years, Laurel, and then you’re allowed to raise the dead.)

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While questioning what to do later on, Quentin stops by to ask for the team’s help — but not in regard to Sara. Damien Darhk has tasked him with breaking into a government facility and plugging in a handy device to the building’s server. Why? Well, the man with magical powers and an ego the size of Star City doesn’t quite feel like answering to a mere mortal, so Quentin takes the device to Felicity for a look.

Unfortunately, the device is so encrypted by the time Felicity cracks it, Damien would likely be suspicious. So Quentin has to go through with the mission, but Oliver isn’t letting him attempt it alone. Diggle is brought in to help, and though he’s initially furious, revealing to Quentin how his brother was killed by H.I.V.E., he realizes this close a connection to Darhk is the best way for them to take down the organization.

The two head in, and the device begins deleting files once it’s plugged in. One of those files happens to be on Diggle’s brother, and as he goes back to retrieve it, the alarm is triggered. Quentin improvises by smashing Diggle against the desk and pretending he’s captured a hacker once security guards arrive.

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