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'Battlestar Galactica' recap: Seize the day

Gaeta struggles to keep his footing when Zarek takes extreme measures to keep the coup going, Baltar has moments of self-discovery, and Adama and Roslin dig in their heels to retake command

Battlestar Galactica

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First things first: Your regular Battlestar Galactica TV Watcher, the inestimable Marc Bernardin, is currently on geek detail at New York Comic-Con, and will be back next week for the return of Ellen Tigh, a.k.a. the Final Cylon, a.k.a. The One Who Apparently Knows Everything. But for Marc’s sake, I am truly sorry that he couldn’t be here to recap this week’s BSG, because frak me, was that a kickass hour of TV or what? I think it’s safe to say that even the most die-hard Battlestar fans have grown just a smidge weary of all the sci-fi kookiness and human/Cylon ennui and wanted our old rock ‘em, sock ‘em show back, and boy did the second half of this two-parter deliver. (My favorite moment? Lee fakes out a cadre of marines, and Starbuck, with an unarmed grenade. Starbuck: ”Not funny.” Lee: ”Yeah, it woulda been if you thought of it.”)

But what made last night’s episode truly one of the very best I think in the show’s history was that it also managed to sneak in a little sci-fi kookiness and a lot of human/Cylon ennui, entwining them both into a propulsive story in which a frak-load of stuff went down. And a few characters took a welcome step forward (I’m looking at you, Baltar), while two of our very favorite (that’d be Tyrol and Starbuck) finally broke free of seemingly endless ruts — only to dangle precariously over whole new pits of bleakness and heartache. This is Battlestar, after all.

Looking back, I think Gaeta probably realized on some subconscious level that his plan was frakked when Hot Dog refused to shoot down the President’s Raptor. Like Zarek said last week in ”The Oath,” this kind of ”revolution” is made or broken on seemingly insignificant moments building on each other until it’s an unstoppable force; Roslin safely making it to the rebel Cylon Basestar meant Adama had something (or, rather, someone) to live for, and vice versa, and that bond alone was enough to turn the fire in their bellies to a raging boil. Full credit goes to actor Alessandro Juliani for letting us always glimpse the nagging voice inside Gaeta’s head, the one screaming, ”You are simply no match for Roslin and Adama, and you know it.”

But that still didn’t stop our peg-legged mutineer from trying to beat them anyway. In fact, Gaeta was already planning ahead, ordering Adama brought to the CIC to demand Roslin’s surrender before he even bothered commanding Hot Dog to follow his order to blow her away. Speaking of Adama, it looks like that cliffhanging grenade that ended ”The Oath” didn’t do much more than knock him and Tigh to their keisters. The admiral was already in rare form when he arrived at the CIC, throwing down his rank insignia and basically daring Gaeta to grow a pair and truly take command.

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