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'Battlestar Galactica' recap: Semifinal destination

As the half season ends, both D'Anna and the Adamas seem willing to risk all to get to the home planet, but a last-minute truce leads to a tragic revelation

Lucy Lawless, Battlestar Galactica

‘Battlestar Galactica’ recap: Semifinal destination

Holy s—.

I’m not even gonna use fake profanity. Not for this. I knew going into this midseason finale that we’d get the answer to either who the fifth Cylon is or where Earth might be. After all, one out of two ain’t bad.

Unfortunately, I’ve found it a little too easy to be down on this show as of late. Some of that is the producers’ fault — too little happened, too many detours, too many episodes that felt like filler when what we needed was killer. And some of that is my fault — I have, perhaps unfairly, held Battlestar Galactica to a standard that maybe no show could meet, week after week. I’ve wanted every episode to be ”33,” and that may have been just too much to ask.

But every now and again, you get exactly what you wanted for Christmas. Every now and again, you get ”Revelations.”

Speaking of revelations, they did come pretty fast and furious in this one, didn’t they? First, we learned from D’Anna that only four of the Final Five are in the fleet. So where’s the Fifth? (I guess that blows my Doc Cottle theory out of the water, huh? I wonder if the last concealed Cylon is already dead; he or she could’ve been killed any number of times: back on New Caprica, in the original Cylon assault, at any point during the exodus.)

Then it became clear that D’Anna has filled the Cylon power vacuum left by the death of Natalie Six. She’s the one who decided to hold all the Colonials on the basestar hostage until the Four are safe in her hands. And she was the one who flew back with the admiral to present her terms to President Adama and the rest of Galactica.

And that led to, maybe, my favorite moment of the episode. With nothing but a series of looks, D’Anna exerted her control over the Final Four. They knew that she knew, and that with but a word, she could irrevocably alter their existence. Tory, schemer that she is, immediately conjured a way to get to the basestar; under the guise of bringing President Roslin her medication, she hitched a ride back with D’Anna.

And while President Adama and Admiral Adama decided that if this whole situation went south, they should follow Roslin’s recommendation — blow up the basestar and, if necessary, kill the Four to keep the Cylons from going to Earth alone — Tigh could only stand by, knowing the whole time that he held the key to everyone’s life or death.

”I wanted to thank you…essentially for not murdering me.” Ah, the continuing awesomeness that is Gaius Baltar. If Laura and Gaius can bridge the gap of hate that’s separated them lo these many years, can’t the chasm between human and Cylon be overcome? Not if you ask Tory, who delivered the medication, as well as a whole new attititude: When she brazenly chastised Roslin for being wrong about her, she added one last dig: ”Might be worth pondering what else you’ve been wrong about.”

When D’Anna started killing Colonials to speed up the process, Lee gave the risky, destined-to-fail rescue mission the green light. As Starbuck prepped her pilots, the Four began to tune back into the classic-rock message system: the freaky BSG version of ”All Along the Watchtower.” And the three left on Galactica found themselves drawn someplace again: into the hangar bay with Starbuck’s mysterious immaculate Viper.

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