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March 20, 2015 AT 02:38 PM EDT

Better Call Saul

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Bob Odenkirk, Michael McKean
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And now for the thrilling conclusion of Better Call Saul‘s first episode.

Well, not really, but the first two hours of the Breaking Bad spin-off really do tell one story, an arc that could have probably been compressed into 42 minutes, but hey, what can ya do?

The back half of the story picks up some time before the cliffhanger from last night. Tuco is chopping… something… oh, God. It can’t be… No, it isn’t the pulpy remains of the redheaded twins. Damn. It’s just some salsa. We get a replay of the twins’ biz-natch-laden assault on Tuco and his abuelita from the drug lord’s point of view, instead of the ellipsis from the previous episode. The twins accuse Tuco’s abuelita of felony-ing them and claim that they’re going to call the cops if they don’t pay up. Good strategy, dudes. After sending abuelita upstairs, Tuco lays the twins out with her cane. The ruckus interrupts abuelita’s telenovelas, and when she goes to check it out, Tuco is cleaning a red “salsa” stain from the carpet. She instructs him to use club soda, which I’m only mentioning because she’s right. It works.

And finally we’ve caught up to the cliffhanger. Jimmy arrives too late to save the twins any pain, but perhaps he can save their lives. Tuco ushers him in at gunpoint and sits him down in the living room. Jimmy, understanding how grave the situation is, makes his pitch to get both him and the twins out of the house, presuming they’re alive. He claims that his clients called about a traffic accident without mentioning any specifics. Perhaps it was his clients’ fault, and perhaps they said something uncouth, based on the “salsa stain.” It’s moments like these when we can see the seeds of Saul beginning to bloom, but he has a ways to go.

“Wow, you’ve got a mouth on you,” Tuco says.

Impressed by Jimmy’s verbal and legal gymnastics, Tuco shows the lawyer to the garage, where he has the twins bound and gagged. Maybe things will be all right. Ha! As soon as Jimmy frees one of them with Tuco’s ludicrously large knife, the twins flip on Jimmy and explain to Tuco that it was all a scam dreamt up by the lawyer. Real cool, guys. Now Tuco thinks that all three were trying to punk his abuelita. There’s only one place such an offense takes you.

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