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Dalene Rovenstine
October 18, 2016 AT 06:01 PM EDT

“If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” —Mark 3:25

Yes, things are getting straight up biblical on Big Brother: Over the Top. More than any other season in recent history, there is a clear divide right down the middle of the house. On one side of the house you have the Late Night Jamboree (Kryssie, Jason, Neeley, and Justin with Danielle and Shane as their king and queen); on the other side you have the Plastics (Alex, Morgan, Shelby, Whitney, Monte, and somehow Scott). Things are so tense that it’s often unpleasant to watch. I like a good bit of drama — I mean that’s why I watch Big Brother after all, but this is … well, over the top.

On the one hand, it’s interesting to see how things will play out when there’s not a clear person targeted like we’re used to seeing in early weeks. But on the other, America, I feel like we’re messing that up. America’s involvement is a fun twist for us, but it’s really screwing with the players — it’s essentially taking the HOH out at the knees and leaving them with no power. I honestly go back and forth with how I feel about this season.

To quote Jason: “This house makes me think too much. I’m going to go home and get a damn lobotomy.”

But thinking is what we’re here for, so let’s get to it. After Cornbread so gracefully leaves the house (I didn’t hear his “f— y’all” when I wrote last week’s recap—thanks eagle-eyed watchers for filling me in), the houseguests take part in their second HOH comp. Luckily, it’s a little more exciting than last week’s bug infestation.

The houseguests must stand on a platform while extending a long “sword” out to a crown to hold up a crown above large images of their faces. Shelby falls first, then Jason, Shane, Morgan, Scott, Kryssie, and Danielle follow. Justin somehow is able to hold his sword while dancing for most of the comp — but eventually he gets too cocky and his crown falls. After Whitney falls, it’s down to Neeley and Alex.

It’s been two and a half hours, so Alex starts talking deals. She really wants to be HOH, but Neeley says she’s not a quitter. Unfortunately for her she falls right after, so Alex becomes the second HOH — or “House of Headhold” as Monte calls it.

But just as Big Brother said before the comp, “heavy is the head that attempts to wear the crown.” Alex wants to go after Shane and Danielle, who she sees as a strong showmance — and rightly so, but this has the potential to create even more division in the house, to clearly draw the line in the sand. Monte still thinks he has a bromance with Shane — he’s desperate to get Danielle out, so he can have his bro back, so he advocates for Justin or Jason to go up. And when Justin gets naked in front of Morgan, Monte loses it and pushes even more for a Justin nom. But, anyway, Alex doesn’t want to listen to Monte about who to get out, but she’d like to let Monte think she’s listening to him.

We make this decision a little easier for her with America’s first care package. Kryssie is given the power to save a friend. She, smartly, assumes this is to keep Jason safe and she does what America wanted her to do: She chooses Jason.

Leading up to the nominations, some backyard chats leads to one of many house blow-ups we witness this week. Morgan, Shelby, Monte, and Danielle are talking about where Justin buys his clothes. Monte says he bets they’re “stolen” — and explains that it fits with his character. Record scratch. It’s possible that Monte just made a really bad joke, but Danielle doesn’t interpret it that way. She goes into the house and tells Justin what happened, and it (rightfully) infuriates him.

Later Justin starts cursing at Monte and telling him to not even look in his direction. Monte has no idea what he’s angry about, and Justin is refusing to speak to him. Thankfully, we have Peacemaker Neeley to diffuse the situation. She wants to clear the air, so she straight up asks Monte if he’s racist. He says no and explains that he loves everybody. Justin and Monte bro-hug it out, and everything is right in the house … for now.

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