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'Big Brother' recap: Double Trouble

Ollie and Michelle underestimated Dan and were both evicted in one evening

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‘Big Brother’ recap: Double Trouble

Double eviction! If they keep this speed up, we could all be done with this by Sunday. Then we can get on to spending our time on more highbrow cultural events, like watching Death Race. But in the meantime, let’s revisit the week (and sorry we’re up late today; once again, New York bumped Big Brother for a preseason football game): When we left BB last Thursday, the houseguests were being repeatedly slammed into a wall — which is a lot like a recurring dream I have, from which I always wake up smiling.

Whenever an endurance challenge is introduced, I always press pause on my DVR and try to guess just how simplistic the houseguests’ responses to it are going to be. But I could not dumb my brain down to as flat a line as it would take to imagine Ollie’s playbook: “My plan is to go all the way.” You, sir, are a shrewd strategist! But who am I kidding? It’s unfair to blame the houseguests for obvious comments like these, because the producers must constantly pose unanswerable questions like “What was your plan for staying on a swing?” What possible answers could there be for that? Everyone gamely states the obvious, however, and yet I can tell it bothers Memphis; every time he answers these questions, you can see in his eyes that he has died a little inside.

When we picked up again on Sunday night the houseguests gradually dropped until it was only Dan and Ollie left. I have read the conspiracy theories that the producers are giving Dan insider information to help him win. The doubters ask, “Why else would he have known to put on a windbreaker for a long, drenching night?” My response to this is that Dan is not getting help; he just has a brain in his head. As a contestant, you should know that HOH competitions are often endurance contests, so why wouldn’t you play it safe and dress warm for every one? What’s the worst that can happen, you have to take a sweater off? As my mother would say to me as a child, “You can always take layers off. You can’t always put them on!” Hell, I put on snow pants before I watch an HOH competition at home.

With Ollie and Dan left alone on their swings, so began what I call “The Week Dan’s Brain Got the Best of Him.” I have liked Dan’s game play up until now, especially considering how doomed he looked at the beginning, pairing with supernova/lost cause Brian. He’s thrown challenges so no one gives the obligatory “you’re a physical threat!” rationale, and he’s been likable to everyone, careful to let others make waves. But he pushed it too far this week.

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