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July 30, 2012 AT 05:25 AM EDT

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Would Shane honor his alliance with Frank and keep him off the chopping block? It was the question of the hour last night — and it was seemingly the only question that got answered during an evening that was heavy on repetition and not much seemed to happen.

Shane was Head of House this week, and as such, had all sorts of powers. I was interested to see how Danielle and Shane’s burgeoning relationship would play out last night, as Shane — and only Shane — voted for her to be eliminated over his other gal pal, Jojo, last week. But any empowering ‘I don’t need a man (in this competition)’ speech would have to wait for another player and another night, because Danielle’s speech was more, “I’m excited to see Shane’s HOH room. Who knows? I may be seeing a lot of it this week [flirty laughter].” And Shane had no problem with this development: “Jojo’s gone so full speed ahead with Danielle.” There’s a guy who sees a lemon and makes lemonade her his new girlfriend.

Later, Shane and Danielle made an Unbreakable Vow, where they grasped each other’s fists, kissed their hands, and promised to protect each other until the final two. And as a mythical beam of light went from Danielle to Shane, bonding the two together until the end of Big Brother times, Shane realized what a great deal he had made. Since there is essentially no chance of Danielle making it to the final two (famous last words?), Shane could rest easy and make more significant deals with Frank, Boogie and others, while Danielle can be content with her hopes of a better tomorrow: “[If this works out] we’ll have a week in the house alone,” Danielle happily shared with the cameras. Keep dreaming, Danielle.

In other showmance developments, Line of the Night (well, one of a few) went to Britney, who, upon learning of Danielle and Shane’s flirty deal, said, “It’s as though my child and Dan’s child are dating. So it’s time for us to sit down in the living room and have that awkward conversation about contraception.” I hope part of this analogy got lost in translation, because the next scene was Britney, Shane and Dan and Danielle all talking together. If this is how Britney thinks parents relate to each other, I feel really bad for Britney’s future children.

Besides adjustments to his rotating harem, Shane really did keep it rather classy last night. Britney and others wanted him to eliminate Frank and break up team Boogie — not to mention get a strong threat eliminated early. But Frank and Shane had a tepid alliance and Shane felt that he might be able to really trust Frank.

It seemed the new plan was to go after Wil, and hurt Team Janelle. Which would have made sense and been a great idea, but unfortunately the coach’s competition shook things up. Major props to Shane-as-host for fully committing to the ’80s workout theme, which was really just an excuse to have the coaches wear crazy costumes and compete in ridiculous, embarrassing challenges. Welcome to Big Brother!

NEXT: THE ’80s return, a.k.a. we learn Janelle’s secret strengths

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