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September 09, 2013 AT 06:05 AM EDT

Remember that time McCrae thought he was making the best Big Brother game move by eliminating Elissa, the one-and-only person who had been on McCranda’s side at the end? Well, it was obvious pretty early in Sunday’s episode that McCrae was heading from HoH to SOL.

But you can hardly blame him for making the wrong move. The flashbacks to Thursday’s double-eviction episode confirmed that Elissa really and truly thought McCrae was the one who voted out his girlfriend Amanda. And Andy brilliantly followed Elissa’s lead, indignantly asking McCrae if he voted out Amanda.

And Andy and Elissa were kissing up to McCrae before they even knew that he would win the mid-episode Head of Household competition. Once McCrae got the power, Andy once again reacted brilliantly, coolly telling McCrae he needed to trust him, while Elissa, on the other hand, sobbed and desperately asked McCrae not to put her up. Who would you believe?

We learn from McCrae’s diary room interview, however, that he KNOWS that Andy is the liar, but opts to put up Elissa regardless. In McCrae’s logic, he needs to make as few waves as possible, and Elissa’s ouster is what the house wants. But the other way to look at it is that Andy clearly has it out for him and pulled one over on him once; what’s keeping him from doing it all over again?

And yet another smokescreen was put up when the Exterminators gang up to convince Judd that Elissa was behind his original exit, so he shouldn’t use the Power of Veto or keep her in the game. Is this late-game alliance turning out to actually be pretty competent?

(Side note: After Judd chose not to use the POV, GinaMarie was trying to do a really intimidating extermination pantomime, cleaning up all the BB trash, but instead she looked a lot like this toddler pushing around a Fisher-Price corn popper. Which is super fitting.)

That double-eviction couldn’t have gone better for Andy. Meanwhile, the Exterminators were in full celebration mode, and Spencer had to be the adult and tell GM to quit it with the cartwheels. (See toddler reference above.) But she couldn’t help herself but get in some breakdancing moves.

Spencer and Andy proceed to play a game of charades in front of McCrae, making him believe Judd and GM are the odd houseguests out. But nominations will put that illusion to bed pretty quickly.

In the Head of Household comp, the houseguests have to assemble block puzzles of their former roommates’ faces. It’s an all-Exterminator contest, and they’re feeling pretty safe, but someone besides McCrae has to go up on the block. Judd finishes first in round one after hilariously messing up Jeremy’s slick hair (“Sorry, m’dude!”). Even though Andy was a fan of Jeremy’s “chiseled Cherokee” features, he’s the first out. GM finishes first in round two, as Judd is once again follicularly challenged (“I’m messing up everybody’s hair!”).

Here’s a sentence we never thought we’d write this far along in the game: The final two competitors are Spencer and GinaMarie. Another sentence we never thought we’d write? Spencer wins Head of Household. The perennial block-dweller won the one that counts.

And on top of winning safety and his own plush bedroom, Spencer also got to hand out “prizes.” Our favorite is definitely GinaMarie and McCrae’s “gift of friendship” — which means the only non-Exterminator is literally attached to GM for 24 straight hours. No more cartwheels for the Staten Islander, and no more gameplay. (“Oh, Amanda’s going to love this,” GinaMarie deadpanned.)

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