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Annie Barrett
October 13, 2010 AT 12:45 PM EDT

This week on The Biggest Loser, a golden disc of extra poundage much like Survivor‘s “medallion of power” was introduced, celebrity chef Curtis Stone and his asymmetrical collar showed the contestants how to bake low-calorie cupcakes, Bob had everyone below the yellow line over to his house (!!!) for a colorful vegan feast, and two women had an intense come-to-Jillian moment during training.

Two players went home instead of one: Sophia, who fell below the new and ominous RED LINE at the weigh-in, and Burgandy, who was forced by Dr. Ranch Dressing to sit out the elimination challenge due to tendonitis in her leg. Both women’s Biggest Loser Transformation Moments indicate that they’re doing extremely well on their own — Sophia’s been a cheer coach for years (which explains the perky hair ribbons), is obsessed with spinning, and has lost 47 pounds. A cheerleader testified on her behalf. Burgandy’s lost 51 pounds, and she became more likeable in her post-ranch footage. I liked her enthusiasm about interacting with the physical world (and other people) instead of sweating it out in the gym. They’re paying it forward!

I got the impression last week that some of you would prefer to read about specific contestants. So instead of a play-by-play, I’ll recap each remaining player. Here’s how they ranked at the weigh-in.


Frado 5.93

Ada 4.27

Brendan 3.37

Rick 2.94

Adam 2.81

Aaron 2.78

Patrick 2.73


Jessica 2.68

Lisa 2.63

Elizabeth 2.62

Jesse 2.43

Burgandy 2.29

Mark 2.17

***RED LINE***

Sophia 0.79

Frado, the loudest exerciser on the ranch, doesn’t even know his own limits. “Loooooove working out strong people like you, Frado,” Bob marveled with his crazy Bob eyes. “LOVE IT.” And Frado’s loving the fruits of his labor, even if he does try to get away with slacking off when the trainers aren’t looking. Before The Biggest Loser, Frado was taking seven injections and a small pharmacy of pills every day. Now he’s off medication. “It shows you that exercise is the purest form of pharmaceuticals,” raved the newly reformed Staten Island papa. “The body will give you what it needs as long as you show it some love.”

Ada had a banner week, practically begging for an emotional breakdown from Jillian during the lengthy weigh-in taping. (Everyone needs one! It’s a rite of passage.) She lost 10 pounds and is consistently strong on the ranch, but had trouble giving herself any credit for her achievements. Ada became my favorite person of the season this week — not because of her terrible, abusive childhood (her brother drowned in a pool next to her when she was 2 or 3, her parents blamed her, gave her the impression it should have been her who died instead, considered her worthless because she was always fat) but because she’s so smiley and upbeat and genuinely earnest despite all that. Jillian ran her through the ringer physically in the gym in order to get her to open up emotionally, outside. Also, Ada seems to be an honorary member of the B-F-P alliance.

Brendan has big plans to vote Adam out as soon as he (along with his alliance of Frado and Patrick) gets the chance. “He’s so cocky,” Brendan muttered after Adam had the audacity to compete in the cupcake challenge.  He lost 11 pounds and is down to 315.

NEXT: The award for the best pre-commercial faces at the weigh-in goes to…

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