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May 24, 2016 AT 05:32 AM EDT

Welp, we didn’t see that coming! The core scoobies followed clues left by Mayfair that dropped some major bombshells, Jane had the worst fight ever with her ex-fiancé, and we found out who the big bad is for next season is (PS, his name is Shepherd). Let’s break it down.

We pick up where last week left off, with Weller struggling with the news his father told him before he passed — that he did indeed kill Taylor Shaw. He confides in Dr. Borden, who tells him to trust his gut, or he’ll never find relief. Weller tells Sarah what their father told him, and she knows that Weller won’t be at ease until he looks under the fort (which is apparently where their dad buried Taylor.) The two take off for their family home, which Weller himself hasn’t visited in decades.

Meanwhile back at the FBI HQ, Allie pays a visit to Reade, Patterson, and Zapata, questioning them about Mayfair. They’ve picked up on Mayfair’s trick with her ankle bracelet (remember last week she removed it and put it on her dog’s collar), and no one has seen or heard from her. This comes with a whole lot of worry to Reade and Zapata, as they both know that the last thing she did was follow a possible lead to whoever is conspiring against her. The two decide that she would investigate their disappearances if the roles were reversed, so they both head to the address they knew she was heading to. What they find … it isn’t good.

The entire room Reade and Zapata are led to smells of bleach, and they know something is sketchy. The two then find a bullet shell wedged under a table, confirming said sketchiness. Knowing they can’t go to their internal FBI resources, the two decide to reach out to Patterson. She’s understandably pissed off, because the two kept their contact with Mayfair from her, and now they are investigating whether or not a basement covered in bleach is Mayfair’s murder scene (which is the last thing Patterson expected to be doing that day.) After giving them a guilt trip, Patterson does some tricks to the room to see what the bleach is covering up. She confirms that the bleach is covering up a blood bath, and they take some samples and hope for the best.

Jane is doing some investigating of her own, trying to track down Oscar so she can bring him in for murdering Mayfair. After breaking into his apartment — the same one she followed him to a couple of episodes ago — she visits Ana (the fierce hacker-girl) and asks her to help track him down. They figure out where “Joey” is, the guy who answers the phone pretending to be a pizza parlor, after tracing a call Jane made to him. She heads that way and breaks into the trailer where Joey resides, but he knows something is up and smokes her out. She makes up a story about how Cade is trailing her, and that’s why she needed to “cancel her order” (the code she and others use when they call Joey).

Joey tells her to go hide, giving her an address to head to. He says that Oscar is unable to meet her there, as he’s still cleaning up the Mayfair mess. Jane heads back to request one last favor of Ana. She overheard Joey on the phone talking about a pickup for 50 pounds of lye, knowing it’s a lead for where she can find Oscar. Ana informs her that that amount of lye is enough to melt a body Breaking Bad-style, but still agrees to help her locate the pickup. Jane takes off to catch Oscar making the pickup so she can follow him to Mayfair’s body. Sidenote: We need more Ana! She’s such a refreshing character, and from the Twitter-verse reaction of her appearance tonight, I think fans would be thrilled if we got even more of her next season.

NEXT: Jane’s flashback tells us who’s really behind all of this.

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