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October 12, 2015 AT 12:29 PM EDT

Although Blood & Oil proved to be a hot dysfunctional mess the first couple of episodes, “Hustle and Flow” focuses on everyone finding solutions to their problems. Anything is possible when you’re experiencing a boom in North Dakota. Need to get rid of some stolen oil? Simply cross the border onto the reservation, and you’re set! Have a hankering to sleep with an ex who just so happens to be your son’s current girlfriend? By all means, go for it! Is that big wad of money burning a hole in your pocket? Give it to Hap Briggs, and watch it multiply! 

Everyone knows the oil industry is a cyclical beast. If Sir Isaac Newton taught us anything, it’s that what goes up eventually must come down. Take the impatient thief Garry, for instance. He’s hiding out with half a million in oil sitting in a Briggs tanker and blood on his hands from killing a sketchy guy who was about to rat him out. Wick warns him to lay low because the sheriff is on their siphoning trail. It’s too bad Garry is a moron who spray paints trucks and tries to run law enforcement off the road so he can get to Black Elk Reservation where the sheriff doesn’t have jurisdiction. Somehow he makes it. Cue Madonna’s “Borderline.” 

Garry’s not the only one itching to make a quick buck in the Bakken. Billy is wishy-washy about his decision to choose his family over the environmental deal with Hap. Cody reminds him that their baby is happy to have a roof over its unborn head and he or she really needs some Frosted Flakes with a side of hot sauce STAT. This doesn’t stop Billy from seeking out Hap to inquire about the deal. Hap admits he was disappointed in the outcome. He sold it earlier and he only tripled his profit. Bless his heart. 

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Meanwhile, Wick is wiggling his way back into his dad’s life by taking an interest in the business. Hap meets him out by a drilling site and points to a rig he’s named KOALA 1. He tells a charming story about how he purchased that particular parcel of land the day Wick was born. And he wants this to be Wick’s first well — the one they drill together. Wick hugs him like a father he decided not to shoot in the face a few days ago. Good times. 

Everyone celebrates Wick’s first rig at the mansion. Lacey is rude to Carla. Carla is ice cold right back. Wick receives a call from Jules that’s really Garry informing him that he sold the oil. Wick instructs him to keep every penny. That act helps assuage his guilt for the most part. At least for the time being. 

Back in Rock Springs, Cody continues to try and make ends meet by spending money the way her husband does. She visits Jules to see if she can find any real estate that would be good for Kess and Ada’s restaurant. Jules greets Cody in the bar and is immediately pestered by none other than Wilson Bethel of Hart of Dixie fame. (Be still my Wade Kinsella-loving heart.) Finn jumps into the conversation and tries to convince Jules that she needs a chef at the bar. She blows him off to escort Cody, Kess, and Ada around town. 

Since water and electricity are imperative when running a restaurant, most of the establishments Jules shows the trio are either out of their price range or rat infested. Suddenly, Cody gets the bright idea to take the food to the roughnecks on-site. She just so happens to know a guy who ran a food truck in Chicago. Someone get that Finn dude back over here! Jules is able to easily score a food truck, and Finn is positioned as a potential new partner. Kess and Ada shake on it. They’ve known him for roughly 30 seconds. What could go wrong? 

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