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October 19, 2015 AT 04:16 AM EDT

Since Blood & Oil is the sudsiest of soap dramas, I think Jules should use her birthday wish to fend off potential morning sickness — because I have no doubt she will eventually find out that she’s pregnant with a Briggs bundle of joy. Will Hap be the father or Wick? Who knows? I’m sure she’ll raise the baby in her Bakken bar, but close early for Mommy & Me classes each Tuesday afternoon. Jules is a strong, independent woman, and nothing will stop her from advancing her career. Unless it’s a gorgeous necklace fit for a queen. Although real estate deals and a booming business are exciting, the old saying is even true for Jules — diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And this huge chunk of jewelry is shiny enough to distract even the most motivated career woman.

Hap showers Jules with the luxurious birthday gift (and a little sexy time) right before he complains about having to sneak around to protect her relationship with Wick. Jules gently reminds him that HE HAS A WIFE, and as long as Hap stays with Carla, she doesn’t see any reason to break things off with Wick. With that said, she’s not happy about being the other woman. Hap assures her that he’s never going to let her go. All she needs to do is sit right there on that back burner and play with her diamonds like a good mistress.   

Across town, Cody encourages Billy to find another job now that they are broke. What a great idea! Instead he heads over to Clifton’s house to complain about mean old Hap Briggs to the one man who truly understands his hatred for the oil mogul. Clifton slams the door in his face, and Billy is forced to drink his troubles away. He’s approached by a woman at the bar named Emma (Peyton List). She just so happens to be Clifton’s granddaughter, and as luck would have it, she’s a really smart geologist, too.  

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Emma somehow convinces Clifton to take pity on Billy. At the end of the day, they all want to beat Hap at his own game. All they need is $100,000  dollars to buy a particular parcel of land that Emma believes has high potential for oil. Clifton pulls out a metal box full of money that I’m quite sure was recently buried in the back yard. Billy joins the Lundegrens at a land auction, and just as they are about to close the deal, an Internet buyer outbids them. While I’m reeling in this fancy-pants transaction set in the plains of dusty North Dakota, Billy receives a phone call from Hap. His scout tipped him off that Billy LeFever and old man Lundergren were determined to by a certain ordinary piece of land. It must be full of potential if these two bozos are willing to fork over a handful of cash. Hap warns Billy that there are a million of him in the world. But there’s only one Hap Briggs. 

Ironically, even the all mighty Hap Briggs can’t stop Carla from helping Wick throw Jules a birthday party in less than 24 hours. Carla calls the caterer on speed dial, whips up a trendy birthday cake, and invites a few hundred of her closest friends to celebrate the woman who is boinking her husband. Wick drags Jules out to the middle of the room, helps her blow out the candles on her cake, and gives a lovely toast in which he admits that he will never take her for granted. 

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