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April 01, 2015 AT 04:11 PM EDT

‘Part 8’ opens with a scary future John voice-overs as we see that now familiar shot of Kevin in his office, window broken, rain of doom coming down outside: “You never think these things will happen to you. Some terrible thing happens to the family down the street. And you think, ‘Thank God we’re not them. Thank God we’re not that family.’ One day you wake up and you are them.”

While we’re listening this we see Kevin going nutso. He does some coke, he’s talking to himself, he grabs a gun. He calls John and asks what he’s going to do about Danny. John, somewhere where police lights flash, tells him he’s the one who has to make things right. Scary future John intones: “And you can never look at yourself the same way again.” Yeah yeah, show. We got it. 

We’re back to the morning after Kevin was violently assaulted. He is seriously messed up. His friend from the dock calls an ambulance.

Danny, meanwhile, is in a bar smoking, hanging with the artist formerly known as Point Break guy, Quintana. (Seriously though, can someone let me know about the smoking laws in Florida?) Quintana tells him that it was incredibly stupid to walk in and talk to Wayne the way he did. He can’t believe Danny isn’t dead.

O’Dirtbag walks into the bar and looks spooked as all hell that his buddy is hanging out with Quintana. I love that Danny is suddenly like a mafia head—he’s completely unintimidated by Quintana while O’Bannon is quaking like a little poodle on a cold day. Quintana breaks the tension by offering the boys some work.

As soon as they hit the parking lot, O’Dirtbag is mad: he thinks Danny went behind his back. Danny is all, oh hey don’t worry about it, this could be a great thing. O’D hands him a pile of money: It’s compliments of Kevin Rayburn. And…that’s when we learn for sure it was Danny who sent O’D to beat up Kevin. This is disappointing.

Kevin, meanwhile, is whimpering in a hospital bed, unable to even put his shirt on or breathe without horrific pain. He has cracked ribs, a busted wrist. Kevin doesn’t tell the doctor the truth about how he got hurt.

Okay so this next scene involves cockfighting and I cannot bring myself to recap it. I cannot, I say! So know that this happens and it’s absolutely awful and one bird kills another. The important part of this scene is that Danny see Carlos—the guy who asked Meg for legal help—holding a beer. Buuuusted. (Also, poor birds.) Danny is all, oh heeeey.

John and Marco go to a garage where John shows the picture of the missing girl to a guy who clearly is lying when he says he doesn’t know anything. He then shows him the autopsy photo and the guy breaks into a million pieces. He tells them he left Guatemala and has been trying to get money to bring his wife and four kids. He paid $3,000 to have his daughter brought in with the understanding he’d pay another three grand upon her arrival. But she never made it. This is sad. John asks if he tried to contact the man in charge but the guy apparently disappeared. The grieving father asks if he’s going to be deported, and John is like, hell no. They’re just trying to catch this guy. They try to figure out if they can get the guy to identify the man he once spoke to.

Danny meets with Sally and has big plans to change the restaurant menu. Sally is like, well how much will it cost. Danny has an idea to make things cheaper because he knows some different vendors. Sally smiles the smile of a mother who is proud of seeing her son take some initiative.

Quintana goes to a bar where he sees the guy who was going to testify against Carlos. “Thing is bro, Carlos is a friend of a friend….” You get the drift. Maybe Danny IS a mafia don!

Sure enough, the witness backs out and the case against Carlos is gone. He meets with Meg and Sally to talk about how he’s going to straighten up and fly right. The Rayburn ladies are all sweetness and light. Danny walks in and compliments Meg on her good work. Danny asks Carlos if he’s gotten a job yet. The answer is no.

Kevin comes back to his totally trashed office home. He says they can’t bring the cops in because it’s collateral for his loan and can’t mess that up. His friend reluctantly agrees not to go to the cops. Kevin has to sleep sitting up and is generally a hot mess. Poor Kevin.

Danny asks Sally what she thinks about hiring Carlos part-time. Sally thinks that’s a lovely idea! Seriously, everything I’ve learned about anything I’ve learned from The Godfather, so I think I know where this is heading.

Marco is at a family birthday party that looks pretty fun. Kids are dancing and there are balloon animals and his family asks after Meg. He says she’s working. His family seems genuinely bummed not to see her. But! Then Meg shows up! The family goes wild: big hugs and in general everyone is super delighted she is there. She tells Marco she didn’t want to let anyone down. Marco seems genuinely touched that she made the offer. He watches thoughtfully as his parents fall over Meg.

Danny goes to the dock with Carlos to pick up some fish. OR IS IT. They wheel their goods over into the Inn’s fridge and Carlos stands watch at the door as Danny unpacks the fish. Then he unlocks the shed and Carlos—who says he’s nervous about this—keeps watch as Danny opens the secret bottom of the crates to find all sorts of nice drugs neatly packaged and hidden underneath.

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