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Darren Franich
March 26, 2015 AT 04:40 AM EDT

The sixth season of Bones began with a series of terrifying sights. A freakish toddler skeleton. Sweets’ grody facial hair. The least convincing Afghanistan in TV history. We were crosscutting between the old Jeffersonian gang, who were scattered all around the world after May’s emotion-imploding finale. (We didn’t get to see Hodgins and Angela in Paris. Booth was attacked by angry insurgents, and Brennan was attacked by angry villagers, so we can presume that Hodgela was attacked by angry avant-garde socialists.) The stage was set for a let’s-get-the-band-back-together season premiere.

Or so I figured. Instead, the band got back together almost instantly – Caroline gives good gruff phone call, apparently – so we saw the Booth/Brennan reunion just a few minutes into the episode. Neither of them seems to have been all that changed by their time abroad, really. (Although, conversely, new haircut.)

Still, I liked how the show didn’t make a big deal out of Booth’s new galpal. We’ll be seeing more of her soon, but I’m intrigued by how the romantic equation has already flipped from the season 5 premiere, when Booth was coming to terms with his love for Brennan.

The whole night was a lovefest. In general, if a show lasts into its sixth season, either half the characters have died or everyone has fallen in love. (Sometimes both: see Grey’s Anatomy.) Sweets and Daisy continued their complicated romantic tango. She still had his engagement ring. But he’d moved on. He had a mustache (I use the term loosely) and he was playing jazz (again, I use the term loosely). His obstinance lasted until their goodbye kiss, which turned into a hello kiss. I kind of adore how their relationship has become a goofball reflection of Booth and Brennan. In other love-related news: Angela didn’t miss anything about America. “What I did miss is my period.” Pregnancy twist! Angela told Hodgins not to tell anyone until after the first trimester. Anyone want to place odds on him telling everyone before sweeps?

Season premieres aren’t really Bones‘ strong suit – it’s one of those shows, like 30 Rock, that needs some time to get spinning again after the break. So the actual case last night was pretty uninteresting. It felt like they awkwardly mashed together two very different episodes – one about an estranged family, another one about the Korean-American immigrant experience. Throw in Cam’s non sequitur references to brain-damaged veterans, and you had an unwieldy Frankenstein’s-monster of an episode.

Really, though, the premiere only had one real purpose: put everything back to normal…with just a few complications. So we’ve got a baby on the way, a new girlfriend in the picture, and a metaphorical mastodon in the room. (For those of you who don’t remember natural history, a mastodon is like a Snuffleupagus, except not as charming or as bloodthirsty.)

Also on our minds:

Bones on geopolitics: “North Korea isn’t know for its cuisine.”

-Cam describes her job vs. Brennan’s job: “Fresh dead, longtime dead.”

-I kind of felt like we could have spent a few more episodes in Cam’s crappy new laboratory.

-The name of the missing child was “Logan Bartlet.” That has to be some kind of double reference to 24‘s President Logan and The West Wing‘s President Bartlet, right?

Viewers, what did you think about the season premiere? Are you excited that Wendell appears to be the last intern standing? Are soldiers even allowed to date war correspondents? Sound off below, while I consult my Journalism Bible.

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