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Amanda Bell
October 14, 2016 AT 03:36 AM EDT

This week, One Chicago stepped into some new territory within the landscape of wild society, covering everything from maniacally jealous exes to cyber trolls who take things way too far to toeing the waters of patient consent and then some. Here’s what happened on all three Chicago shows this week.

Chicago Fire season 5 premiere: “The Hose or the Animal”

Annnd we’re back! Last season left off on a serious cliffhanger, with Stella’s looney ex lurking around Stella’s apartment with a knife as she and Severide engaged in some sad sex after Borelli’s brother’s badge ceremony. Humina humina and also dun dun dunnnn. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Casey had finally come to his senses by ditching his flirty campaign manager and making his way back to Dawson and Louie, thank jeebus.

For anyone else, there might have still been be a ton of repair work left to do before their relationship could be considered good as new, but Casey and Dawson just aren’t the kind of people who drag out the he said-she said drama, so they’re already good. Phew. Casey’s newfound commitment to making their foster situation work is all she needed, so now they’re a full-fledged family… better late than never, right?

There are practical issues involved here, like finding a proper babysitter and Dawson’s recent return to squad. If she and Casey are both running into burning buildings all the time, knowing the risk that they might never come out of them alive, well, Louie’s no better off than he was at the group home. Right? As usual, Dawson’s the first one to take a step back from the job, which… the fact that this is all sparked by an actual garbage fire might bear some metaphorical significance here, considering she’s yet again putting the pause button on the position she fought so hard to get… grunt.

Anyway, Borelli just so happens to be in career limbo himself right now while he snaps at the Chief for allowing his brother to get smushed on the job, so there’s a vacant seat in the ambulance. Dawson sees it as an opportunity to dial back on the danger factor of her work, albeit temporarily, by taking his place. She does get a key reminder that even that job can be deadly sometimes after she takes a look at the rig’s decal bearing the name of the late, great Shay. Plus, she just so happens to be caught in the middle of a crowd swarm saving a street violence victim, but, she brushes it off. Hey, no job is completely devoid of peril, yeah? If nothing else, this show has certainly taught us that.

We don’t exactly have to imagine her delight when Chief offers her the spot on a more permanent basis, after he’s forced to let Jimmy back on squad. Her blissed-out grin says it all, and that smile is even more pronounced when Severide decides to offer up his more family-friendly apartment unit to her, Casey and Louie, so they don’t have to all be squeezed into Herrmann’s slightly shabby guest house and risk losing him to a swankier home. See? He can be a thoughtful dude when he wants to be! (#TeamKellyFTW.)

Decidedly less happy is young Grant, whose demons have come out in full force against Stella and Severide’s budding relationship. Yes, he still has her kitchen knife, and yes, he’s totally following her around everywhere looking to confirm what he already knows about them. Dr. Charles from Med kindly warns her that he’s on the loose, both physically and mentally, but Grant lulls her into a sense of cozy security by texting a promise that he was leaving town to get better. Of course, that’s not true, and she should’ve guessed that he wasn’t done tormenting her yet.

In another instance of a dumpster coming into focus this week, Grant tries to jump Stella while she’s taking out the trash in an alley, and Severide steps in to diffuse the situation before it escalates into violence. Grant’s not one for using reason to resolve his issues, though, so things still get out of control very quickly, and Grant tries to stab Kelly. Severide knocks him on his you-know-what with a shovel, and unfortunately for Grant and these lovebirds, that defensive act is more devastating of a blow than intended, and now Grant’s bleeding out on the street… Grant started it and all, but this isn’t going anywhere good any time soon.

On a lighter note, Sylvie’s bringing some much-needed levity to House 51 in more ways than one. Not only are she and Mouch secretly joining literary forces to produce firehouse fan fiction stories that have everyone in a curious tizzy, but she and Antonio Dawson from P.D. are quickly acting out their own slash fic dream come true as they’ve clearly developed some hots for each other. Gabby’s return to the ambo scene is putting her in an unexpected third wheel situation, and it’s pretty hilarious. Who would’ve guessed that Sylvie and Antonio would be the next couple bringing some heat to Chicago Fire? Sizzle!

Grade: B+

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