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November 17, 2015 AT 12:07 AM EST

We’re still obsessing over Josh’s recent confession that he’s “very attracted” to Rebecca. Particularly, she’s obsessing over the use of the word “very,” which the wise gentlemen running the juice bar tell her doesn’t mean anything, a conclusion that’s supported when Josh appears and uses the word no fewer than four times in a single sentence. “So ‘very’ is just your go-to adverb,” Rebecca muses, not that it has any impact on her.

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, and Rebecca depressingly shares that she and her mom normally just roll Craisins into slices of turkey and watch a dog show. Josh will be busy helping entertain his entire family at his mom’s house, and everywhere Rebecca looks, she sees families. She worries she doesn’t belong anywhere. Paula suggests, after inviting Rebecca to her own “apocalypse” of a Thanksgiving, that she figure out a way to get herself invited to Josh’s family celebration. Rebecca, reasonably (for once), thinks it’s a bad idea, but then Paula throws this logic at her: “Do you think Angelina went into Mr. and Mrs. Smith with that kind of attitude?” It’s a fair point, but one that Rebecca doesn’t pay much attention to until she learns that the holidays stress Valencia out because the Chans apparently hate the girl. And with that, Rebecca is a little more ready to play the Jolie to Valencia’s Aniston.

Greg, meanwhile, is just barely keeping it together at Home Base, serving cheap patrons who refuse to leave tips and drunk moms (who probably also refuse to leave tips). He’s over this job, and he has big Thanksgiving plans to quit. Right after this shift, he’s quitting his job, moving out of his dad’s house, and enrolling in business school. Because Greg has dreams! But we’ll come back to this — there’s a reason someone as fab as Greg has allowed himself to work in a job he loathes for as long as he has.

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Back in the scheme-and-stalk land, Rebecca accosts Mrs. Chan at the Asian food market (Paula’s idea), reminds her of Josh and Rebecca’s adorable little romance from way back when, and Paula manages to list all of Rebecca’s very impressive degrees and accomplishments. And just like that, the girl is set to join the Chans for Thanksgiving. Rebecca seems more excited to just spend Thanksgiving with a normal family than she is to stalk Josh, which is oddly sweet.

Paula doesn’t have time for such sentimentality, however. She just wants to nanny-cam Rebecca’s trip to the Chans, anticipating a huge victory for her girl. Cue a hip-hop rap anthem, “I Give Good Parent,” in which Rebecca compares herself to a TED Talk and spits lines such as “Brought a nice red so when I come in the place I already got ‘em heated up under the waist. Your home is such a beautiful, comfortable space. Bitches, you two have wonderful taste!” All the while Mrs. Chan is sporting a white fur coat and grills.

NEXT: Rebecca’s Thanksgiving nightmare comes true.

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