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Dancing With the Stars

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Let’s raise the bar and our cups to the Stars: An injured Bill Nye and his partner Tyne Stecklein have been eliminated on Week 3 following a hilariously awful “jazz” routine (emphasis on those air quotes) in which Nye brandished a leg immobilizer and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles breastplate in order to basically shuffle around and move his arms like a robot.

If Daft Punk could speak… they would be silent.

EW spoke to the rest of the cast about Bill Nye’s decision to dance through a major injury — watch the video over at our Inside TV blog.

I’m glad to see Bill and Tyne go, especially since he seems to have lost all use of that peg leg with the torn quadricep. The Dance Doc advised him to steer clear of the ballroom tonight, but Bill Nye knows what America wants, and America wants to Get Lucky! “Lots of celebs would just fold up and give up,” Len Goodman faux-marveled before awarding Nye his last 5. Ooh, Len, don’t you go dissing Dorothy Hamill. That is not cool.

Will the judges please reveal their Hollywood Night scores? Carrie Ann Inahhhhhh-ber!

Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd: 27/30 Usually I brace myself for the worst when the contestants’ injuries are addressed during the rehearsal footage, but Brant and Peta’s quickstep — performed under the duress of a sprained ligament in Brant’s foot — was “painless to watch,” according to Len. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple more genuinely shocked to receive great scores. They even looked a little guilty, like they didn’t deserve 9s and were waiting for the other shoe to drop.

What would really have been great is if the thief who’d robbed Brant at gunpoint (a much glossed-over detail!) last week had seen tonight’s quickstep, thought, “I was wrong. This guy needs the proper footwear to continue on in Week 4,” and sheepishly darted through the ballroom to drop off the Latin shoes he’d stolen from Brant. But maybe he thought he’d get picked up by the Lift Police on his way past the judges’ table.

I nearly fainted whenever Peta’s sparkly gold fringe became totally horizontal during their dance. It was that good. But I survived! Not at gunpoint.

Christina Milian and Mark Ballas: 26/30 Christina’s adorable daughter Violet messily drank an orange sports drink and demanded “more dancing” from her mother — so it naturally follows that I and probably a lot more people now like Christina Milian (nation: “Who?”) a lot more. That’s just how it works. Kids to the rescue! Oh, but there’s Mark, to bring it down a notch. We may never know why he was a clown on Frederick’s of Hollywood Night (LOL at Tom), or why that clown was sad.

He had no reason to be sad — Mark got to wear his signature spats, snag the spotlight by taking “the center of the ring,” and dance the Charleston with a hot lady in her fancy undies. Their spinning lift (with her entire body behind him!) into the final snazzy lift/dip (a magical marvel!) was fantastic.

Christina/Mark and Brant/Peta — Week 3’s top scorers — were announced as “in jeopardy” tonight along with Bill and Tyne. But as we know, this means nothing. There was no official bottom two.

Len wanted “a bit more of that swiveling action” from Christina and her Charleston-dancing sister Amber Riley, but he did like the fact that Christina’s dance “absolutely mirrored the music.” Somewhere off-camera, Brookebot snapped to life after gazing longingly at the mirror on the buckle of her pretty yellow belt. (Fascinating. Seriously.) And just like that, she had reset for the next few minutes.

Brooke, who’s the fairest Pro of all?

That’s right!

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