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Maksim Chmerkovskiy speaks out against the judges during a tense Broadway Week


MAKS VS. LEN "Maybe it's time to get out," Maks suggested after DANCMSTR said he'd been doing this for 50 years


Dancing With the Stars

Season 13, Ep. 11 | Aired Oct 24

Week 6 on Dancing With the Stars was technically all about the Great White Way, but after a heated exchange between head judge Len Goodman and longtime DWTS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the night really became more about the Great White Russian Who Likes Having His Way. (How dare I! He’s Ukrainian.)

“I’ve been in this business for nearly 50 years,” said the DANCMSTR after calling Hope’s Broadway Week rumba her worst dance yet. “Maybe it’s time to get out,” Our Pro boldly suggested.

Obviously Maks could have been more diplomatic by not saying a word, but it’s Maks. Eventually he was going to snap. It would be weird if he didn’t! And to be fair, the judging has been wildly inconsistent this season. They seem to score on different criteria for each contestant, and their comments seem carefully scripted to “further the plot” of whatever characterization of each contestant the producers are going for on a given week. Chaz Bono is entertaining! Nancy Grace is exciting! Most of the time I can’t even believe that they believe what they’re selling, poorly. It’s such a farce at this point.

Yeah, Maks was rude to Len, and his bold assertion – “This is my show” – up on Brookebot Mountain was so eye-popping in itself, I almost wish he’d saved that whopper for another episode altogether. But since I love a reality TV spectacle – and since the judges are ridiculous – I’m glad someone spoke up.

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