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Annie Barrett
May 07, 2010 AT 04:00 PM EDT

On the Week 3 results show, Buzz Aldrin was the second person eliminated from Dancing With the Stars season 10. I’d developed a real affection for Buzz this week, and it peaked during his sweet and visually powerful farewell montage. That was convenient. Sure, he seemed a little long-winded at times, but this isn’t a batty old man we’re dealing with. The self-proclaimed ”patriotic geezer” is a smart and fascinating guy whose verbosity was not particularly well-suited for reality television in 2010. More power to him for that. ”I will miss hearing his stories,” his partner Ashly told my colleague Lynette Rice after last night’s show. ”I wish everybody could hear what he was telling me.” Read EW’s post-show interview with Buzz and Ashly over at Hollywood Insider.

”Indiana” Jake Pavelka, who was in the bottom two with Buzz, seemed humbled by the scare, but he could have snapped out of the utter terror of possibly not getting the chance to Accept This Rose long enough to shake the spaceman’s hand. Attention! (Or as DANCMSTR would have it, ”a-season ten-sion”!) Stand up and salute the astronaut, everyone. Good cast, good cast. Who’s a good cast? You are.

Many viewers and 99 percent of the Internet thought Kate Gosselin, a terrible dancer, should have gone home before Buzz. After she was the last Star called safe, the heroic mother pretended to faint. ”No fainting! There’s no fainting in ballroom,” cried Tom. ”Most of the time.” Don’t cry for her, America: Kate assured a nation of rapt viewers that she was ”actually proud” of her paparazzi-themed paso doble. ”My internal scores say ‘Thumbs up!”’ she insisted as Tony weakly raised both of his own thumbs. It will be interesting to compare Kate’s internal score next week with the technical and performance scores the judges will attempt to beam in the general vicinity of her ego’s radar.

Evan and Anna performed their quickstep as the Week 3 encore, at DANCMSTR’s request. I loved the white-haired man in the front row who was clapping the entire time they were dancing in his corner. That would totally be me if I were ever at a liiiiiiive show. You only live once, right? And I must not have registered Anna’s sassy mid-dance wink on Monday night. Or maybe she didn’t do it then. I’ll never know, unless I check.

Reba stopped by! ”Three Russians and a Pole” (Maks, Val, Snejana, and Edyta) booted it up for ”I Want a Cowboy,” and Lacey and Dmitry put up a worthy fight to the title of Reba’s second number, ”Consider Me Gone.” Did anyone else think/fear that Lacey was barefoot? Nope! Nude heels! Those two are amazing. Reba was fab and all, but my favorite thing about her at the moment is that she’s clearly such a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars. Even her sequin-embroidered, pleathery top was in the spirit of the show. When Tom asked her who she was rooting for this season, she rattled off ”Erin, Evan, and Nicole.” Uh oh, said Tom, we now have some bitter contestants backstage. Whatever, Bergeron! The fact that she was even able to name three people automatically makes her my favorite results-night musical guest of all time.

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