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April 24, 2012 AT 08:48 AM EDT

Dancing With the Stars

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You, in that chair. Welcome back! Dancing With the Stars‘ Motown Night was fantastic! Hearing some of his record label’s greatest hits while watching liiiiiiiive ballroom dancing on a reality TV series might not have been exactly what Berry Gordy envisioned in 1959. But he was excited to be there, and millions of viewers were excited to relive their childhoods through the power of fringe, sequins, and Smokey Robinson’s piercing stare.

I’m sure the night’s offerings brought back memories for many of you. My mom, DANCMSTR Dee Barrett, emailed me her own after the show. “This is the kind of music that brings me right back to sixth grade boy-girl parties,” she wrote, “where all of us girls would line up and stroll out of the garage onto the driveway groovin’ to ‘Dancing in the Street’ while the boys…..who cared?! We were INto it — no distractions, please! We swayed with our hips and shoulders ’til the very cool spin move at the end of the line — only to, of course, turn around and do it all over again……”

Thanks mom. That Judy Blume book come to life sounds like a lot of messin’ about to me. I give you and the sixth grade girls a 7. Seh-vehhhhhhn!

Anyway, good times, great oldies all around on Motown Night.

Will the judges please reveal their scores? Carrie Ann Inahhhhh-ber!

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: 29/30 in the samba + 10 (first place in the Motown Marathon) = 39 out of possible 40 Ugh, so much bolded math this week. I have to say I’m really loving everything about Katherine — from her decidedly ’80s turquoise and purple gym wear to her perfectly Hairspray-ed beehive, to the way she was so focused on Mark and the cha cha that she didn’t even realize they’d won the Motown Marathon. I can still hear Tom Bergeron muttering “Mark obviously hoping his outfit will attract attention…” in his hilarious golf announcer voice.

The couple’s samba was clearly very challenging and at moments it almost seemed like Katherine had too much to do. I still think this “midwife” could “deliver” a bit more sensuality in the Latin dances. But Bruno approved, telling Katherine the samba invoked “the marriage of Brazil with Funkytown that’s never been more exhilarating.” Bruno, of course, is a marriage of Brazil/Funkytown historian. He’s been documenting those crazy kids’ ups and downs, rises and falls, for decades.

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