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March 07, 2011 AT 08:04 AM EST

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The ladies of Wisteria Lane are always doing something in a desperate fashion, as we’ve come to learn over these seven seasons, and in last night’s episode “Searching,” they were all — well, most of them — very desperately looking for something. As has become a rather dumpy theme for the season, Susan was on her continued hunt for a kidney, with the help of the crusading Bree, who made finding a matching organ both a personal and spiritual mission. Meanwhile, Gaby was determined to find some kind of talent in her daughter Juanita; Beth searched for a way to move on from Paul — and eventually did so in an extremely dramatic way, that we’ll get to in a second; and Renee spent her time looking for a deeper meaning in her life, which proved, as usual, to provide much of the episode’s most humorous moments.

“I want a baby,” Renee said in her very blunt way near the beginning of the hour, upon entering Lynette’s house. “One of my own. Preferably a boy. And in brown.” The line killed. I could have just stopped the episode right then — less than 15 minutes in — and have been satisfied with what I’d seen. But the storyline got even better. “I already made an appointment with an adoption agency, which was right next door to my manicurist,” Renee continued to tell Lynette. “It’s like it was meant to be.” Although the folks at Desperate Housewives have tried to say that Vanessa Williams wouldn’t be bringing her famed Wilhelmina Slater character from Ugly Betty back to life, I beg to differ. I can literally hear these same bitchily biting words stream from the former Mode editor’s mouth. Anyway, I digress.

So that Renee could see what having a baby is really like, Lynette agreed to let her friend watch baby Paige for an evening, while she and Tom went out on a date at a fancy restaurant. Of course, as soon as Tom and Lynette sat down, what did they hear? Ah yes, a baby crying — one that sounded suspiciously like Paige. And that’s because it was — Renee was sitting across the restaurant with the baby. “It’s Renee!” Lynette exclaimed. “On a date! With our baby!” To teach Renee a lesson, Lynette had the waitress “lose” the baby, which sent Renee into a tailspin. Lesson learned: Renee realized that she’s not cut out for motherhood. Also: Why does it feel like Renee is always in restaurants? We’ve literally rarely seen her inside her own home. Weird.

Bree’s “Searching” storyline crossed over with Susan’s — and eventually Beth’s, too. Bree opened the episode serving baked goods to her reverend in her home. This scene proved to be funny. “So, have you killed someone?” Bree’s reverend asked, after taking a bite of her infamous treats. “I’ve always found the treats you prepare for my visits are a reliable indicator of your level of your spiritual turmoil. The more exquisite the baked goods, the more anguished your soul.” But it’s true: Bree was in anguish, after her breakup with Keith, and wanted to fill that void in her life. The pastor suggested she look to give to others, which is what inspired her campaign to find the still-ailing Susan a kidney.

NEXT: “I have nowhere to go,” Beth says. “What is going to happen to me, Mama?”

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