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September 10, 2015 AT 02:31 AM EDT

Extant rounds out its improved second season with a finale that ties up loose ends, as well as introduces enough intrigue for a third season — should the show be renewed. This year Extant shifted from its alien-focused plot from the first season, which was disappointing at first to sci-fi fans, but the sophomore-season reboot of the show (and addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan) worked in its favor. In the beginning of the season, it seemed killing off the John Woods character meant that the writers were phasing out the Humanich story line, but to my surprise, the bold move put the Humanichs more toward the forefront of the show — and it worked.

If the show gets renewed for a third season, I imagine the same theme will carry on. But before we get into predictions for a hopeful season 3, let’s break down the two-hour second season finale.

Molly, JD, and Ethan head with the amulet to Julie’s apartment, where they find Charlie has hanged himself. Thankfully, they get him down before real damage was done. Charlie felt so much guilt for not being able to find Julie and save her, he felt that he could no longer live. This seemed out of character to me. I always saw his character as one that would fall down, but eventually persevere through his own strength. JD smelled booze on him, though, and we all know about Charlie’s decision-making skills while drinking.

Meanwhile at the GSC, TAALR informs Lucy that Calderon gave something to Molly that could be a huge threat to their mission. While TAALR instructs next steps to Lucy, other Humanichs are manning the streets per Fiona’s orders. Dorothy, JD’s ex-wife, runs into Terra, who is injured and running from Humanichs. Terra picks up from Dorothy’s memories that she knew her dad Adhu, and Dorothy quickly takes her to see JD and Molly.

Terra and Dorothy make it to Julie’s house, and Terra expresses her guilt for leaving the bunker with Ares, but says she had no choice. Dorothy tends to Terra’s wounds while she heals, and JD, Molly, and Charlie work out a plan to get the amulet to TAALR’s hardware. They decide they must contact Fiona and convince her that the Humanich’s and TAALR are the real threat and send Ethan to relay the message. Ethan and Fiona go for a walk, and Ethan connects Fiona with Molly using a virtual reality tool. Molly explains how TAALR is the one pulling all of the strings, telling her to look up the order for the drone strike on Toby for proof. Molly signs off before they can trace her location, and Fiona is intrigued enough to investigate.

After checking the drone logs, Fiona sees no one ordered the drone strike, confirming TAALR manipulated the system to send it on Toby. TAALR picks up that Fiona has looked into the drone strike, and per its initial programming now sees her as a threat to the mission. TAALR tells Lucy that Fiona can no longer be trusted. Adding more conspiracy to her plate, Fiona discovers that a virus strain has been stolen from the GSC, and it’s the first strain created that is fatal to both humans and hybrids. It turns out, Lucy took the virus strain per TAALR’s orders, and she sent several Humanichs on flights around the world to unleash it.

Fiona tells Molly they have six hours until the virus will be released, and Molly and crew move forward with their plan in taking down TAALR. JD gets one of his old army buddies to help, and they disguise themselves as maintenance men to get into the building. Fiona shuts down the power grid, giving them a short window to get the amulet into the main control room. TAALR and Lucy had prepared for this and get the systems up and running before Molly and Terra have a chance to make it inside, and JD and his friend end up fighting their way back to the van. Knowing they have no other choice, Molly says they must go to Ares for help.

Having betrayed TAALR, Lucy kills Fiona and everyone else in the GSC and phones the Madame President, mimicking Fiona’s voice and saying everything is taken care of. Back at Julie’s apartment, Ethan discovers that Julie’s prosthetic legs can serve as a tracking device, and he and Charlie track her to the Humanich’s lab. They find her locked in a coffin in the basement level just as her oxygen runs out, saving her life. I’ll say my annoyance with Julie has passed, and she’s paid her price for being a complete pain all season.

Terra takes Molly to where Ares and the other hybrids are hiding, and even though he is resistant to help at first, he ends up agreeing to join forces after hearing Molly explain that the Humanichs plan to wipe out a large part of the human — and hybrid — population with the stolen virus strain.

NEXT: Meet Humanich-Molly: JD’s worst nightmare.

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