Megan Daley
October 27, 2015 AT 01:00 AM EDT

When we last left Karma and Shane, they were planning to cement their throuple in a BIG way (a.k.a. with a threesome). And this week’s episode kicks off with Shane and Karma doing the walk of shame. But, did they really go through with it?

Each reveals their side of the story (to Amy and Liam, respectively), but while they both agree they’d exchanged a super steamy kiss in front of hot Wade, nothing else seems to add up. But, whatever, they’re sticking to their stories. Karma assures Amy she has absolutely “no regrets.” And in addition to some “Never Have I Ever” cred, the experience has given Karma a serious ‘tude.

And they’re not the only ones who got lucky — Liam hooked up with Shane’s big sister, Sasha, which naturally upsets Shane, and Lauren’s BFF, Lisbeth, lost her virginity on prom night. Lauren’s feeling a little left out, and she makes the snap decision to have sex with Tommy because why not? (Because it’s a horrible idea, but we’ll get to that.) 

Later that night, Lauren’s hope for a romantic night flies right out the window as Tommy decided to invite a few friends over for a party. It was ALL over Tumblr.

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Karma is ready to let loose y’all, and that means no bra and body shots. The whole no-bra thing becomes especially apparent when Liam accidentally dumps a cup full of alcohol all over her white shirt. But rather than feign embarrassment, she hops up on the dining room table, 10 Things I Hate About You-style. (“They’re just nipples; everyone’s got ’em!”) 

While Karma has officially gone wild, the gang is reasonably worried about her. And, Felix — who wanted to have a movie night with Amy — feels neglected since she’s spent the entire night looking after Karma and cleaning up vomit in the bathroom. To make matters worse, Karma drunkenly blurts out that Felix is the principal’s son, and somehow he gets roped into chugging beer and playing quarters (because peer pressure). Eventually, he gets so drunk that he confesses his feelings for Amy. He can’t stop thinking about their kiss — and she can’t stop thinking about Karma (true, though).

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