Megan Daley
September 02, 2015 AT 03:59 PM EDT

Welcome back to Hester High, everybody.

After what felt like an eternal hiatus, Karma, Amy, and the rest of the gang are finally back for season 2B. Plenty of secrets came out in the first half of the season (Karma found out Amy and Liam slept together, Theo was revealed to be an undercover cop, Duke declared his love for Shane on television), now everyone is facing the aftermath—and things could get ugly.

We pick up with Karma and Liam on very good terms, having a little quality time in Liam’s car before school. “I love you,” Liam says. Errr—not so fast. This is strictly a friends with benefits situation, Karma reminds him. But all is forgiven between them, and what better way to prove that than the two of them picking Amy up on their way to school?

The three endure the most awkward car ride (couldn’t Amy have taken the bus?), as Karma continues to push the “I’m over it!” spiel. She’s matured, having lost her virginity to Liam—she doesn’t even need her beloved friendship necklace anymore either.

Duke and Shane arrive at school, openly holding hands. Things appear to be going smoothly for the two of them, but, Duke still isn’t really ready to throw in the towel on finding out who outed him to TMZ. Duke can tell Shane is hiding something, but he thinks it’s just the election loss to Lauren that’s got him down. Luckily for Shane, there isn’t much time to chat as the two are met with a wall of security (metal detectors, dogs, officers—the works). Move over Penelope, there’s a new sheriff in town.

In the cafeteria, classmate Wendy suggests to Lauren—who is still recovering from her horrible breakup with Theo—that voters expected Lauren to step up post-election and maybe she should use the fact that she’s intersex or the whole Theo betrayal to become a more inspirational leader. But, Lauren is having none of it as Wendy makes it clear she needs to take a stand against the new head honcho in order to get the students back on her side. Shane makes the mistake of sitting at Lauren’s reserved table, and the two exchange a few sassy quips (“Bitter really suits you!”) and withering stares before Shane makes a quick exit.

Elsewhere, Amy tracks down Liam to confirm that was definitely the weirdest drive to school ever. Before they can dive into the nitty gritty of their bizarre morning (a.k.a. how not “over it” Karma seemed), Penelope announces an assembly in the quad.

Penelope—putting on a brave face for the students and her three cats—introduces the crowd to Principal Turner. Following the last half of the season’s drug busts, Principal Turner says the school will be cracking down in a major way. This can’t be good for Karma as her parents are responsible for the school’s new direction, which she expresses to Amy. Amy suggests the two eat away all of the negative feelings, but Karma mysteriously dodges that idea.

Shane is ready to lead a revolt against this new regime, but Lauren takes the opportunity to cozy up to Principal Turner—the man who just might be able to turn Hester High into the conventional school Lauren has always dreamed of ruling. She lets him know it’s better to get on the students’ good side before they stage a protest. If she learned to “manipulate these idiots,” he could, too.

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